CPA 9th Congress April 2001

Congress Resolution:
Building the Party in the Workplace
and in the Trade Union Movement

This 9th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia calls on the 
incoming Central Committee and all Party organisations and members to give 
high priority to building the influence and membership of the Communist 
Party in the workplace and the trade union movement.

The trade unions are the most important organisations of the workers in 
their daily fight against the capitalist employing class. Trade unions are 
a vital arena for workers in testing different ideologies and policies. In 
this contest, the CPA has much to offer to advance the working-class 

At present, our forces in the trade union movement remain too weak to 
properly fulfil our ideological potential. Strengthening our work in this 
area is a vital issue for the Party. Such work will strengthen the trade 
unions as well as the Party.

The trade unions should not confine themselves to local economic issues, 
but must take up political questions and issues of international 
solidarity. We must encourage unions to act on all issues having a bearing 
on the lives of all workers.

Congress calls on all Party organisations to discuss perspectives for 
building Party workplace and industry branches as the main means to 
strengthen our influence in the working class, especially in the trade 
union movement.

Building workplace branches will greatly enhance the Party's support among 
the working class. In many cases this will also serve to strengthen the 
trade unions themselves.

As a first step, Party organisations need to be active in assisting the 
union activity of their members and supporters in their workplace. Regular 
discussion at branch meetings is a necessary step.

Inviting workmates to Party meetings to discuss workplace issues can be 
fruitful in extending the Party's influence in the workplace, including 
gaining new members.

Party discussion and education classes can help comrades see events in 
their industry as part of the wider economic and political processes.

Comrades should seek to give their work some perspective, formulating 
short-term and medium-term goals of their political activity in their 
workplace and industry.

Congress calls on the incoming Central Committee, State and District 
organisations to give high priority to analysing the composition of 
branches and where possible and advantageous, restructure Party 
organisations to create a focus on workplaces and industries.

Branches thus formed should be fully functioning, well-led Party branches, 
with a special focus on the working class and trade union movements.

Party organisations should co-ordinate the work of trade union activists 
across districts, states, nationally and on an international basis.

Congress calls on the incoming Central Committee to bring together Party 
trade union activists at the next Party national school and thus give 
attention to the national co-ordination, communication and the building of 
the Communist Party in workplaces, industries and in the trade union 

Congress calls on the Central Committee to allocate responsibility to 
comrades for co-ordinating our Party's work in workplaces and the trade 
unions. The Central Committee shall conduct yearly reviews to assess 
progress in this area.

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