CPA 9th Congress April 2001

International Greetings to the CPA's 9th Congress

During the working sessions of Congress delegates heard greetings from 
communist and workers' parties from around the world. The following are 
extracts from some of the greetings received.

Communist Party of India Your 9th Congress is taking place at a time when economic crisis continues to haunt the capitalist system. International finance institutions like IMF, World Bank, the TNCs and the newly established WTO are on the rampage and seeking to subjugate the economies of the developing countries and impose a neo-liberal regime on them. On the other hand the US imperialists are pushing ahead with the NMD system, seeking to impose their will on other countries in the Asia-pacific region as well as in Europe, building up tension in the region, and returning to the days of "Cold War".
National Workers Party, Pakistan Your Congress, comrades, takes place at a time when the World Capitalist System in spite of its global sway and ruthless exploitation of all the people of the world, is facing multi-dimensional contradictions. The principal amongst these contradictions appears to be the one between the advanced capitalistic economies, fully supported and protected by institutions like the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO, on the one side, and the less developed and developing nations of what continues to be known as the Third World on the other. The exploitation of the Third World and its people continues unabated and their economies are fully controlled through debt burdens and other prescriptions of the World Bank and IMF, and by the Multi- and Trans- National corporations. A world-wide movement against the unjust economic globalisation is the need of the times. However, no such movement is possible without building up truly democratic and pro-people formations of our people in our own countries.
Communist Party of Cuba The links between the Communist Party of Australia which has kept a solidarity stand towards the Cuban Revolution and the Communist Party of Cuba date back many years. We wish you success for your Congress, and we hope that it will produce the proper guidelines that will contribute to attaining the objectives outlined for the well-being of the Australian people and the Party itself. We would also like to convey our fraternal greetings to all Party members.
Communist Party USA Your Congress takes place in the framework of a greatly accelerated ultra right imperialist offensive. Led by US imperialism, the transnational monopoly corporations and the ever-growing aggregates of finance capital are riding rough shod over the working people, the poor and all who dare oppose them. Their only purpose is to secure maximum profits no matter what the course of action or cost in carrying it out. They are rushing at a dizzying pace to extend and globalise capitalism with all its evils and ills. In this regard the illegally installed president George W Bush has not only declared US imperialism's dominant role and hegemonous ambitions and aims, he is flexing and using US military muscle to warn off other imperialist powers and to coerce other nations and peoples and to demand their subservience and surrender of their economies and their living standards and sovereignty. Significantly the struggle against capitalist globalisation, sparked by the Seattle events continues to grow as anti-monopoly corporate sentiment grows. It corresponds to the growing anti-corporate struggle in all countries and to the role of Communist and Workers Parties in these struggles.
Iraqi Communist Party On behalf of the Iraqi Communists and their supporters, we convey wholehearted comradely greetings to your 9th Congress, wishing you every success. We are confident that this Congress will be an important event in the life of your fraternal party and its efforts to develop the unity of Left forces in Australia and their struggle against the onslaught of capitalist globalisation and imperialist hegemony, and in defending the rights of the working class. We seize the opportunity to express our appreciation for your internationalist stand in supporting the struggle of our party and democratic forces in Iraq for lifting the unjust international economic blockade from our Iraqi people, for salvation from dictatorship and achieving a democratic alternative: a unified democratic federal Iraq.
Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism Our Party is fighting for a democratic and progressive State in Algeria, which recognises the legitimate rights and aspirations of the working class and other labouring classes and for the national interest. We work for the realisation of a broad democratic popular front to head off the threat of fascism. We oppose Islamic integration and the tyrannical rule of the actual government which is representative of the reactionary and conservative middle class interests. This reactionary and conservative middle class has made an alliance with the imperialists for the plunder of the national riches of our country and its integration into the aggressive NATO. We wish to strengthen the solidarity between our two Parties on the basis of Marxist-Leninist ideological positions and on the working class basis.
Communist Party of Israel In spite of the terrible bloodshed that is taking place in our region, caused by the attempt of the Israeli government to sabotage the Israeli- Palestinian peace process, our party is engaged at present in exerting every effort for strengthening the cooperation of all the peace and democratic forces in Israel in the struggle for peace based on ending of the Israeli occupation and the establishment of a Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital alongside Israel. The Israeli communists and their allies in the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality are saving no effort directed at uniting the working class and the popular masses in Israel, Jews and Arabs in a joint struggle against the growing unemployment, for defending the social rights and achievements of the working class and the popular masses for a just distribution of the national wealth of the country, and for socialism.
Progressive Party of Working People of Cyprus (AKEL) The Cypriot people continue struggling against the consequences of the invasion and occupation of 37 percent of the territory of Cyprus. AKEL in consistently working for the reunification of our country and people under bizonal bicommunal federation, where the rights and freedoms of all Cypriots both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are safeguarded. We consider the efforts towards the rapprochement between the two communities a substantial part of the struggle. In this respect, Australia serves as a land where representatives of the two Cypriot communities live and work together peacefully, proving that the same can happen again in Cyprus. Taking this opportunity we would like to thank the CPA for the support to and solidarity with the just struggle of the Cypriot people. I would like to express to you our readiness to develop further the relations between our two parties. We consider the development of cooperation and coordination between the left and progressive parties a significant part of the struggle against the so-called new order and the neo-liberal attack against the rights and freedoms of the working people.
Workers' Party of Belgium Imperialism today is characterised by its trend towards "fascism and war with a democratic face". In the imperialist countries, the economic situation of the workers is deteriorating quickly, police repression and political espionage are on the rise, racism and fascism are moving ahead with the support of important factions in big business. Imperialism showed its genocidal nature by organising the destruction of the Soviet Union thus bringing about a surplus of more than six million deaths in the first six years of the counter-revolution; the aggression and embargo against Iraq which have already killed 1,500,000 people; the genocide organised by French imperialism in Rwanda which slaughtered 1,000,000 Tutsi and democratic Hutu; the war of aggression by the American- Rwandese-Ugandese coalition which has already caused the death of 3,250,000 Congolese! Contradictions between the three centres of imperialism are increasing, imperialism is planning for war against China and Russia. United, national democratic revolutions in Asia, Africa and Latin America and socialist revolutions in the developed capitalist countries will destroy imperialism and its barbaric dictatorship. Socialism is the future of mankind.
Communist Party of Greece Today more and more people, in all countries, no matter if developed or not, are protesting and fighting against the TNCs and imperialism. We think that without the existence, the every day action, sacrifices and ideological work of the Communists the situation may be different. The emergence of such a broad movement shows that the anti-capitalist struggle and the Communist Party are more needed than ever. In spite of the big difficulties and the today's serious differences between communist Parties we have to reinforce the communist identity, values, principles, action and internationalism. We consider that exactly the so-called "globalisation" processes and the fight against the very internationalised big capital impose the improvement of international cooperation with the aim of increasing our effectiveness on the national level. In our country we follow a similar policy to your concept. The aim of our action is, as stressed in the documents of our last 16th Congress, December 2000, to promote an alliance of all the social forces opposed to the TNCs and imperialist policy. The very successful mobilisations against the cuts in the public social security, the privatisation of the school system, NATO and the war in Yugoslavia, the agrarian policy of the European Union, the privatisations, the massive participation to the Prague, Nice and other "anti- globalisation" and anti-EU initiatives shows that a big number of people are fighting in such a direction.
Portuguese Communist Party In Portugal, the PCP, through the mass struggle and intervening at the institutional level, fights the right-wing policy undertaken by the Socialist Party Government, which hands key areas of the economy to the private capital, carries out a policy of low wages and great precariousness in employment, submitting national interests to the federalist project of the European Union and the aggressive policy of NATO. The PCP considers of the utmost importance the strengthening of cooperation and solidarity among people, workers, communist and progressive forces of the world. In a world more and more divided by the social, economic, political and military barriers of the imperialistic "globalisation", it is our wish to continue to act so that between PCP and the Communist Party of Australia the relations of friendship and solidarity become stronger.

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