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11th CPA Congress


Maritime Unions Socialist Activities Association

It is with fraternal greetings and solidarity that MUSAA (Maritime Unions Socialist Activities Association) extends to the 2009 CPA National Congress.

MUSAA wishes the congress it best wishes and believes that this congress has important tasks and deliberation ahead of it in that the social democratic forces continue to represent the interests of business and their allies instead of the working class and the subsequent consequences on the workers and the community in general.

The transnationals continue to attack the working class and the community on all fronts via the social democratic and the Liberal/National Party representatives of Parliaments through the neo-liberal agenda and actions.

Therefore to assist in that process we have decided to donate $500 to the congress, hoping in a small way this will help with costs etc.

Yours in solidarity and

On behalf of MUSAA members

Eddie Seymour, National Co-ordinator

Communist Party of Ireland

Dear comrades,

We wish you every success at your 11th Congress and we are confident your congress will mark another important stage in the building of a stronger Communist Party of Australia and a stronger more united world communist movement.

We Irish communists salute you. We express our heartfelt greetings to you all and believe that Australian communists will continue to make a most valuable contribution to the national life of Australia and to mobilise a most proud and militant working class as you have done in the past.
At this time we Irish communists along with other anti-imperialist and democratic forces are engaged in a tremendous struggle against both the Irish establishment and the imperialist entity called the EU. It has fallen to the Irish working class and democratic forces to challenge European transnational capital in the struggle around the Lisbon Treaty.

The outcome of this struggle will be known on October 3 during the course of your congress. The Irish working class, small and medium farming and fishing communities have risen to the challenge. We will let your congress know the result of this battle. Regardless of the outcome the struggle against imperialism continues to grow.

Once again we salute you.

For anti-imperialist working class unity

Eugene Mc Cartan, General Secretary, Communist Party of Ireland

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation we warmly welcome you, the delegates of the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia, as well as all Australian Communists.

This Congress is particularly important. It is the first one to be convened after the death of Comrade Peter Symon, an outstanding figure of the international communist movement, who headed your party for many years. You will have to define the strategy and tactics of the party for the coming years, to find ways to consolidate communists around the newly elected collective governing body of the party.

We are well aware of the Australian Communists’ struggle for workers’ rights, for genuine democracy. We believe that only solidarity and mutual support of communists will be able to protect working people who are the main victims of the global financial and economic crisis.

The CPRF highly values the relations of friendship and solidarity between our parties. We are confident that your decisions will contribute to strengthening the party ranks and raising the party prestige in the society.

We wish your Congress successful work and the implementation of the outlined plans.

With fraternal greetings,

Presidium of the CPRF, CC Communist Party of The Russian Federation

Communist Party of Israel

Dear Comrades,

On the occasion of the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia, the Central Committee the Communist Party of Israel conveys its heartfelt comradely greetings and congratulations to your party members.

Once more, no capitalist force, whatsoever may be its strength, can bring down the force of the communist movement, a valuable lesson especially timely today in the conditions of increasing capitalist aggressiveness.

The emergence and development of popular, social and labour movements and struggles that tend to touch on the full spectrum of capitalist policies poses new opportunities and challenges to communists all over the world.

We would like to reiterate once more our firm solidarity with your efforts to boost social justice in Australia and defend your workers’ achievements in today’s unfavourable conditions, against the undermining activity of capitalists and the unjust world economic order.

With fraternal greetings,

Muhammad Nafa’h, General Secretary, Communist Party of Israel

Communist Party of Bangladesh

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bangladesh, we congratulate you on this historic occasion of the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia.

We want to recall our traditional friendship with your Party, Progressives and pro-people forces of your country and wish them all successes in accomplishing the task of bringing peace and advancing towards a socialist future.

We also firmly believe that the Communist Party of Australia will continue its relentless struggle against capitalist policies and imperialist war which have caused mass-killing, impoverishment and severe environmental devastation worldwide.

Currently the Communist Party of Bangladesh is fighting against imperialism, capitalist plunder and for revolutionary democratic change. Our party considers the unity of communists of all countries is essential to fight against imperialist hegemony and intrigue.

On this historic occasion we would like to recall the great memory of Comrade Peter Symon, the founding General Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia. His tremendous contribution to build a strong communist movement in your country and for international solidarity is still a source of inspiration for us.

We hope and believe that the friendship between our two Parties will be further strengthened in the coming days.

Long live the Communist Party of Australia and its fraternal ties with our party.

With revolutionary greetings.

Mujahidul Islam Selim, General Secretary, Communist Party of Bangladesh

Communist Party of Greece

Dear comrades,

The CC of the KKE extends warm comradely greetings to the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia. Our parties are linked with lasting bonds of solidarity and cooperation, with joint struggles for the rights of the working people for the defence of the communist identity and the strengthening of the international communist movement.

Nowadays, the most important element of developments is the economic crisis that manifests itself in the capitalist world and intensifies the inter-imperialist competitions and rivalries. The positions and the facts that communists promoted for years are now confirmed. The issues of workers’ power, the socialisation of the basic means of production, the relevance of socialism appear now more distinctly.

In Greece, the fact that the reputation of both parties of bourgeois power, ND and PASOK, with the spread of the view that there are not substantial differences between them, shows that nowadays they are not able to assimilate the popular masses as easily as they did in the past.

It is very important to reveal and reject the misleading views spread by capital, the bourgeois and opportunist political forces regarding the “regulation”, “rationalisation” and “humanisation” of capitalism. The reactionary role of the imperialist organisations and the measures they promote must be revealed. In addition, it is particularly important to promote the communist perspective and repel the current anti-communist wave.

The acceleration of the process for the regroupment of the labour movement, the social alliance with the self-employed and the small and medium sized peasants remains a crucial issue; likewise the effectiveness of the ideological struggle in order to weaken bourgeois concepts and strike a blow at the opportunist and reformist forces.

The KKE will steadily and more effectively continue co-operating with other Communist and Workers’ parties for the continuance and enhancement of the International and Regional Meetings of Communist and Workers’ Parties, for the promotion of joint action and the coordination of their activities, for the strengthening of the anti-imperialist struggle, against imperialist wars and interventions, against poverty and hunger, for the environment. In this framework, we focus on the 11th International Meeting of Communist and Worker’s Parties that will take place in November, in India.

With the hope of developing further the fraternal bilateral relations between our parties we wish success to your 11th Congress.

The Central Committee of the KKE

Communist Party of Cuba

Dear comrades,

On the occasion of the 11th Congress of your Party, we convey our best wishes of success and our congratulations to the Australian Communists and to the participants in this significant event.

Your struggles for social justice; for the well-being of your people; for the respect to the sovereignty and self-determination of all nations and for a world without exploiters or exploited. These are in correspondence with the present challenges that humankind is facing when the unrestrained voracity of capitalism is not only expressed now through its attempts to get the control of the hydrocarbons and the natural resources of our planet by resorting to war and aggression, but it is also expressed by the continuation of its irrational model of consumerism that is a tragedy for thousands of millions of hungry people in the world.

These great challenges imposed by the present times demand a joint action of the progressive forces for the sake of peace and life, in a constant struggle for definitively building a better and possible world for our peoples, where there will be peace and a real human development.

While reiterating our congratulations and best wishes of success, we thank you for the traditional expressions of solidarity with our struggles against the imperialist blockade, for the release of our Five Heroes, unjustly imprisoned in US jails, and for the defence of our country’s sovereignty.

Department of International Relations

Portuguese Communist Party

Dear comrades,

We wish you the best success to your Congress and may its proceedings and conclusions accomplish the important objectives it is called to decide, namely the analyses of the social, economic and political conditions that today confront the Australian workers and people, in view of a massive offensive by capital; the effective change of policies and political direction that is needed and is possible, by building and developing a broad democratic movement, closely linked with the people’s mass movements and struggles in Australia; and to lay the basis for building a strong, active Communist Party, with deep roots in the working class: “The Party for the Future”.

Your Congress is held in a highly unstable international situation, one full of uncertainty, with one prominent feature, the ongoing large-scale capitalist system’s crisis that is sweeping the world. With the crisis and with imperialism’s intent of imposing its hegemony on the world, the danger of military adventures with dramatic consequences is growing.

But imperialism does not have its hands completely free. It is conditioned by its own difficulties and contradictions. Everywhere, resistance and struggle continues and is becoming more diversified in form and content. A rearrangement of forces is underway, and though it has contradictory aspects, it questions US hegemony and US goals of world domination.

The situation is one of multi-faceted rising acuteness in the class struggle, where quick and unpredicted developments are possible, where grave dangers for peace and peoples’ freedom and sovereignty coexist with real potential for progressive and even revolutionary developments.

The obvious crisis that the capitalist system is suffering highlights the need for Communist parties and for internationalist cooperation among them, and highlights the need for building a new society, free from the exploitation of man by man – socialism – as the only alternative to capitalism. Tenacity in building vanguard revolutionary parties and steadfastness in the ideological struggle has – in the current circumstances – acquired a greater, decisive, importance.

The Central Committee of the PCP

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)

Dear comrades,

The Spanish Communists who have suffered the treason of Euro-communism, are glad to see how the ideas of Marxism-Leninism and the strength of militant comrades of your Party have been able to overcome difficulties, to keep the Communist Party alive after many years of treasons and deceptions in the International Communist Movement, caused by reformism and revisionism.

We are confident that the strengthening of the Communist Parties around the world is not by chance. Those Parties who have not abandoned the ideas of Marx and Lenin, those Parties who do have a scientific analysis of world imperialism, those who learn from the teachings of the experiences of the Socialist countries during the 20th century, those Parties have the tools to offer the only way out of this crisis of capitalism: Socialism.

We are sure that in the future the relations between our parties will be developed and strengthened, for the gathering and exchange between those parties who share the same ideas are necessary for the victory of the working class all over the world.

Quim Boix, CCof the PCPE

Political Prisoner, Colombia

This is a new opportunity to send you all a strong revolutionary greeting to wish that the 11th Congress of your party be successful. That this congress results in the strengthening of your commitment and actions in defence of workers’ rights, the search for better living conditions with dignity for the people in the tireless struggle for social transformation toward socialism.

Once again I would like to pay tribute to the indispensable fighter, comrade Peter Symon, a memorable leader who I had the honour of meeting. His wise political vision and his consequent internationalism made it possible to build bridges between your party and revolutionary organisations in my country.

At the same time I would like to express my recognition of your fraternal international solidarity work that enables the strengthening of unity, that of our peoples, our struggles, dreams and the common objectives in building a better world for all. As said by Simon Bolivar, the liberator of the Great South American homeland “United we are strong and we deserve respect; divided and isolated, we die”

Finally, from this place of struggle receive in the name of my comrades, my fellow political prisoners and myself, our feelings of gratitude for all your expressions of solidarity that make us closer and break the chains of infamy that is our reality and strengthens our morale.

Liliany Obando, National Women’s Prison, Bogota

Socialist Party of Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Dear comrades,

Please convey our warm congratulations to the delegates to the Communist Party of Australia 11th Congress and our best wishes for their work.

We were glad to hear that your Party is in good heart, despite the sad loss of the outstanding militant and leader Comrade Peter Symon, and confidently facing these challenging times for the socialist movement and the whole of humanity. Your Party’s contribution is needed now more than ever and we wish you every success.

Brendan Tuohy, Chairperson

Communist Party in Denmark

Dear comrades,

The Communist Party in Denmark greets your party with the best wishes for your congress. All over the world working class is facing huge problems caused by capitalism, which in its present crises also is dangerous to mankind and the whole world itself.

We wish you good discussions and solutions. We are confident that the Communist Party of Australia will grow and be strong all through your great loss of comrade Peter Symon.

Betty Frydensbjerg Carlsson, Chairperson

Communist Party of Britain

Dear comrades,

Your party’s steady adherence to Marxism-Leninism and your commitment to its principled application is well-known to us.

Today, as a result of capitalism’s anarchic contradictions the world faces a deep economic crisis. Every attempt is being made to resolve it at the expense of working people.

Our party, like yours, is seeking to build wider working class unity to oppose these attacks. Your party, like ours, is campaigning against imperialism and war and attempts to deepen imperialist oppression. Your party, like ours, seeks to pose the alternative of socialism at the same time as building the organisation needed to achieve immediate victories for working people.

Dear comrades, our party wishes you every success in the work of your Congress and looks forward to future collaboration.

Robert Griffiths, General Secretary

New Communist Party of Britain

Dear comrades,

The New Communist Party of Britain and its weekly, the New Worker, sends its warmest fraternal greetings to our comrades in the Communist Party of Australia gathering for the 11th Congress in Sydney in October.

We regularly use your reports in our journal and we closely follow the work of the Australian communist movement because we are united in bonds of friendship and share a common history and a common ideology, that of Marxism-Leninism.

Wherever there is oppression there is always resistance. We see it today in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and amongst all the people fighting world imperialism. We also see the great work being done in the socialist countries today... in People’s China, Cuba, Democratic Korea, Laos and Vietnam and the struggle of the peoples of Venezuela and the rest of Latin America to build their own independent republics based on social justice and socialist orientation.

We are in the middle of the biggest slump since the Second World War. Now more than ever millions upon millions of working people are realising that capitalism cannot solve the problems of humanity. Only socialism and people’s democracy can resolve the ecological and political crisis of our times.

You are charting the course for a better tomorrow that will certainly come and like you we are certain that the 21st century will be the century of socialism.

Andy Brooks, General Secretary

French Communist Party

Dear comrades,

The current systemic crisis of capitalism severely strikes all the people in their daily life. The policies of austerity and of social regression hit workers and all the popular classes. The capitalist leaders take the present crisis as an opportunity to increase exploitation of the employees within the framework of the information revolution and of the huge technological advances that characterise our time. Other policies are necessary and urgent to be carried up in a durable mode of human development, in safety and in peace throughout the world.

Nowadays, the fundamental question arises going beyond capitalism for the best blooming of the individual, to answer social expectations, to let emerge a society of equality, democracy and freedom.

The French Communist Party is happy to address you all its wishes of success in completing the works of your 11th Congress and to transmit its feelings of friendship and solidarity to the Australian Communists.

The French Communist Party

Iraqi Communist Party

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of our party we extend to your party and your supporters wholehearted greetings of Iraqi Communists and best comradely wishes for the success of the 11th Congress of the CP of Australia, looking forward to strengthening further the bilateral relations. We express our high appreciation for your support and solidarity with our party, democratic forces and Iraqi people in the struggle to end foreign military presence, achieve full national sovereignty and independence, and build a unified federal and democratic Iraq.

Salam Ali, International Relations, CC of  ICP

Workers’ Party of Belgium

Dear comrades,

Your Congress is held at a most important international conjuncture: world economic environmental and food crises together with imperialist wars and military occupations or threats.

We are in solidarity with your political line: Capitalism “is a bankrupt and moribund system and our efforts must be directed at developing the class struggle between the capitalist ruling class and the ever expanding and strengthening working class and its allies. This is the only way to ensure the future for humanity, a peaceful and socialist future.”

We wish your 11th Congress will be an essential step towards the strengthening of your Party and of the unity of the Australian working class and allies, and youth against capitalism and for socialism.

Baudouin Deckers, CP Executive Committee

Israeli Communist Forum

Dear comrades,

The Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Forum (ICF), on behalf of all its members, Jews and Arabs, send to you our heartiest fraternal greetings, wishing you a successful Congress.

We are sure that your Congress will assist you to enhance the struggles for defence of the rights of the workers in your country and the social rights of the masses; and also to strengthen your party and to bring more new members to its ranks.

As part of the consequent peace forces in Israel we are struggling against the reactionary government policy of military occupation of Palestine and the brutal and inhuman colonialist oppression and “Transfer” schemes of ethnic cleansing of Greater Israel from the Palestinian population.

We struggle for just and lasting peace, which will be achievable solely by Israel’s withdrawal from all the Arab territories conquered since June 1967, and establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside of Israel.

The ICF is struggling against the disastrous anti-social economic government policy, led in the interest of the big foreign and domestic capital, causing a shockingly growing impoverishment of the wide strata amongst the Arab and Jewish working masses.

Taking into account the new onslaught of world imperialism on the peoples in our region, as well as all over the world, in a period of one of its most deep global crisis, we see more than ever the necessity of close cooperation among all anti-imperialist forces, and foremost of the communist parties and organisations.

Central Committee

Communist Party of India

Dear comrades,

Your Congress is taking place in the background of the deep economic crisis which is worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s, the growing global resistance of the working people against the policies of imperialist globalisation on one hand and on-going victories of the Left forces in elections in different countries of the world, particularly in Latin America, on the other.

Our Party is well aware of the role of the CPA in organising the people of Australia in defence of the rights of all sections of society, particularly the working class and other marginalised sections. Its consistent struggles against the present regime have further strengthened the prestige of CPA.

We believe that the deliberations and the experience of your Congress will help us further in understanding each other, and initiating a common struggle for Peace, Progress and Socialism.

Pallab Sengupta, Member, International Department

Communist Party of Finland

Dear comrades,

The Communist Party of Finland sends fraternal greetings to the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia, to all the delegates of the congress and to all members of your party.

Your Congress takes place in a situation of deep the economic crises of the capitalist system. This is a result of neo-liberal policy and the rule of big capital. The rights of working people, democracy, environment and peace are more and more attacked.

The Communists have an important role in developing alternatives, class struggle and coalitions against neo-liberalism. This is the way to ensure the better future for working people, for humanity - a peaceful, democratic and socialist future.

Yrjö Hakanen, Chairman

Communist Party of Turkey

Dear comrades,

The 11th Congress of the CPA is taking place at a time when the toiling masses of the world have been suffering more and more from the consequences of the capitalist crisis, from imperialist aggression and wars, reaction and bigotry everyday.

We believe that the 11th Congress of CPA will raise the conscience of the Australian people, their will to struggle against capitalism and imperialism further. Hence, we believe that the 11th Congress of your party will equip the peoples of Australia with the means to overthrow capitalist barbarism.

Hereby, we would like to express our solidarity with your party and we wish to convey our greetings to all delegates who will take part in the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia once again.

Central Committee

Acknowledgements and thanks to the Communist Party of Uruguay, the Syrian Communist Party, the Galician People’s Union, the Romanian Communist Party, Workers’ Party of Ireland and the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) for their messages of greeting to the CPA.

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