The Guardian November 3, 1999

Saturday's chance for a Republic

The main issue before the Australian people in Saturday's Referendum is 
whether or not Australia is to become a Republic. A YES vote is an 
important step forward, severing Australia's monarchist trappings. It 
advances and helps to consolidate Australia's independence as a nation. It 
means that a President would be elected by a two-thirds majority of 
Parliament, not appointed by an individual as is the present Governor-

The CPA urges you to vote YES.

A NO vote means that Australia's Head of State will continue to be the 
British monarch. The Governor-General is the representative of the Queen 
and is not Head of State as the Prime Minister dishonestly inferred in a 
recent statement.

A NO vote implies that Australians want to retain the monarchy. It will not 
be possible to separate the votes of those who are monarchists and those 
who are Republicans but want another method of electing a President.

A NO vote does not mean that another referendum would be held soon. In any 
case it would have to have as its main question whether or not Australia is 
to become a Republic  the same issue as is being voted this Saturday.

The only way to vote for a Republic is to vote YES.

For the Preamble the CPA advocates a NO vote. The Preamble is an inadequate 
statement and, in any case, is no more than a motherhood statement. Our 
Constitution deserves a better statement and it should become an inherent 
part of the Constitution not a meaningless attachment.

Vote YES for a Republic. NO to the Preamble.

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