The Guardian February 13, 2002

Iranian-American Community statement: "Axis of evil"

During the past few days, the various officials of the Bush 
administration have warned Iran about the presence of Al Qaida fighters in 
that country. In his State of the Union address, George W Bush labelled 
Iran, Iraq and North Korea the new "axis of evil" as a continuation of the 
US war moves and acts of aggression.

As part of the Iranian opposition, the organisation (IACUS), strongly 
condemns the Bush administration's belligerence and the cat-and-mouse game 
the administration is playing with the Iranian regime.

As far as we are concerned, the fundamentalist administration of G W Bush 
and the repressive regime of the Islamic Republic are the two sides of the 
same coin.

Today, over 50 reformist newspapers have been closed in Iran and more than 
20 journalists are spending time behind bars for publishing their views on 
the current state of affairs.

Scores of students, dissidents, and intellectuals are being tortured in 
Iranian prisons, while the repression of women and democratic and secular 
forces is an everyday reality in Iran. However, GW Bush and the American 
corporate media prefer to maintain silence on that.

The true intentions of the US administration have nothing to do with Al 
Qaida but a lot to do with their attempt to make the Iranian regime more 
co-operative and agreeable to their plans for continued presence in the 
region. And the victims of these acts of aggression will be innocent 
civilians in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and the rest of the region.

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