The Guardian December 10, 2003

US pressure on Iran. Silence about Israel

Under duress from the United States the International Atomic 
Energy Agency (IAEA) continues to pressure Iran to come clean on 
its nuclear program. This, despite the fact that the IAEA has 
conducted inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities and is 
presently satisfied that Iran fulfils its international 

The USA however keeps on claiming that Iran is developing nuclear 
weapons. This is the same course of harassment that the US and 
its allies applied to Iraq over its non-existent weapons of mass 

There is, however, one Middle Eastern country, which definitely 
possesses nuclear weapons, but has not received attention or 
inspections from the IAEA. Its name is Israel.

Furthermore, Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation 
Treaty and has never officially admitted to having nuclear 
weapons. Non-proliferation analysts estimate that Israel has up 
to 200 such weapons.

Only recently, IAEA head Mohamed El Baradei, called on Israel to 
dismantle its nuclear weapons arsenal, saying all Middle East 
nations would benefit from ridding the region of nuclear weapons.

"In my view, every country in the Middle East, including Israel, 
will benefit from establishing a nuclear weapons-free zone in the 
Middle East as part and parcel of a comprehensive peace in the 
region", Dr El Baradei said.

Mr Mordechai Vanunu, a courageous Israeli whistleblower is 
serving a life sentence at present for having revealed that 
Israel possesses nuclear weapons.

The United Nations General Assembly and IAEA General Conference 
have adopted 13 resolutions since 1987 appealing to Israel to 
sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. All have been ignored.

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