The Guardian March 24, 2004

Millions protest against Iraq invasion worldwide

Marking the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq 
demonstrators took to the streets in almost every major city in 
the world.

From 50 people in East Timor to 175 people in Fayetteville 
Arkansas, from 100,000 in Madrid to one million in the streets of 
Rome, millions of people around the world have demonstrated their 
opposition to George Bush's war and the continued occupation of 

The call went out for the people of the United States, Britain, 
Australia and all the other member countries of the "Coalition of 
the Killing" to work on "regime change" in their countries.

There were protests in Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, the Czech 
Republic, Greece (15,000 in Athens), Poland, Germany, Hungary, 
Cuba, Egypt, Seoul, Tokyo, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Brazil and many 
other countries.

At least a million people marched through Rome. "Your War is 
Dead", said one placard.

From San Francisco to Sydney, Tokyo and the Philippines, 
demonstrators accused the Bush administration of making the world 
a more dangerous place.

In London 25,000 activists marched through the city with slogans 
such as "Anti-Bush, Anti-Blair, Anti-war!". Anti-war protestors 
climbed the Big Ben clock tower with the message "Time For The 

In Madrid people continued to point the finger of blame  for 
the train bombing that killed more than 200 people on March 11  
at the ousted conservative Government and its commitment to the 
US war. A Barcelona protester said: "The government took the 
country to war, but it was ordinary people who got hurt and 
killed by the terrorists."

In the US demonstrations took place in up to 200 cities across 
the country, including New York (50,000), Chicago, Los Angeles 
and San Francisco. One placard summed it up: "Bush Lied, 
Thousands Died, Bring Our Troops Home".

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