The Guardian May 12, 2004

US committed war crimes in Fallujah

US troops committed unprecedented war crimes in the Iraqi city 
of Fallujah during the two first weeks of April, according to the 
Israeli paper Haaretz.

Of the 600 civilians killed by the occupation forces during those 
15 days, some 450 were women and children, according to one 
article on the web site from Prensa Latina reporting from 

The "images of maimed Iraqi children, rows of women's bodies and 
the scene of a soccer stadium converted into a giant cemetery, 
which were only shown by the Qatari television network Al 
Jazeera" were shocking, says the Haaretz article.

The Marines even occupied the hospitals, according to Midicins 
Sans Frontieres, and prevented the injured from receiving medical 
assistance by placing snipers on terraces to keep people from 

"This was a retaliation operation, carried out by the Marines, 
supported by F-16 combat planes and combat helicopters, under the 
code name 'Vigilante Resolve', in revenge for the deaths of four 
US security guards on March 31", the doctors' organisation 

Haaretz pointed out that the death of the four 
mercenaries' deaths was diffused widely as a propaganda tool by 
the Pentagon and the US media, while the US troops' crimes in 
Fallujah were virtually a military secret.

Since the Anglo-American aggression began in March 2003, more 
than 16,000 Iraqis have been killed by the invaders, some 10,000 
of whom were civilians, a large proportion of them women and 

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