The Guardian June 2, 2004

Mechanisms to regain Iraq's national sovereignty

An editorial in the newspaper of the Iraqi Communist Party at 
the end of May came out strongly on the question of sovereignty 
for Iraq on June 30 when the occupying powers are scheduled to 
hand over power to an Iraqi interim government.

"We look forward to June 30 as a decisive date for transferring 
power to the Iraqi people and restoring full sovereignty", says 
the newspaper.

"What is beyond doubt is the fact that Iraqi sovereignty has been 
blurred, violated and usurped due to the policies of the deposed 
regime and also many UN resolutions.

"It is thus important to emphasise the regaining of sovereignty, 
ending dual authority and endeavouring to end the occupation."

Sovereignty generally means possessing full state power in 
governing the country, running its affairs and controlling its 
destiny, as well as freedom in political planning and decision-
making to serve the interests of the country and its people. This 
would be embodied in the proper transfer of authority from the 
Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to the Iraqi Government.

The editorial calls for specifics powers to be implemented:

* The transfer to Iraqi ministries of full authority to run their 
own affairs, and draw up policies, plans and specific programs 
for each ministry. This is to be carried out in collaboration 
with various sectors at all levels to ensure the provision of 
basic services to all citizens, the reinvigoration of economic 
activity and establishing the necessary priorities.

* Full control by the Iraqi Government over all elements of the 
Armed Forces and internal security organs, as well as measures to 
transfer responsibility for security to the Iraqis and relevant 
bodies which need to be promptly and effectively formed, trained 
and equipped in order to carry out their tasks fully.

* Enable the Iraqi Government to control all of Iraq's financial 
resources public property and land. The Iraqi Government to 
freely exercise this right fully in the service of the Iraqi 

* The importance and necessity of upholding the tenets of the 
Transitional Administrative Law for the Iraqi State insofar as 
they pertain to the long-term agreements and decrees issued by 
the CPA.

"We think that these constitute the guidelines for the Iraqi team 
negotiating with the UN, before and during preparations and 
dialogue about a new UN resolution to replace UNSCR 1483 and 

"They should also form the guidelines for discussions and 
negotiations with the Coalition Provisional Authority, which will 
hand over all its authorities to the interim national Iraqi 
Government on June 30."

The editorial concluded, "As efforts intensify to draw [up] 
Iraq's future, implement the timetable stipulated by the 
Administrative Law for the Iraqi State and transfer power and 
national sovereignty, the Iraqi people and all their patriotic 
forces inside and outside the Governing Council are called upon 
to seriously and effectively participate, through various means, 
in formulating the new directions and future orientation of our 
country, to achieve sovereignty and independence, end the 
occupation and build a unified democratic, federal, Iraq".

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