The Guardian June 30, 2004

US union calls for end to war
and bringing US troops home

Nearly 4000 delegates of the Service Employees International 
Union, the nation's largest union with 1.6 million members, voted 
unanimously at the union's national convention in San Francisco 
in June to end the US occupation of Iraq and to bring US troops 

A strongly worded resolution linked military intervention abroad 
and attacks on workers at home. The resolution charged the Bush 
administration (backed by a majority in Congress) with 
responsibility for declining wages and benefits, deunionisation, 
cuts in public services, crumbling health care and educational 
systems, cuts in veterans benefits, escalating public debt and 
eroding economic, social and personal security.

The union proclaimed, "We cannot solve these economic and social 
problems without addressing US foreign policy and its 

It accused the Bush administration of using "deception, lies and 
false promises to the American people and the world" to launch a 
"unilateral, pre-emptive war" in Iraq, causing the death of 
thousands of Iraqis and hundreds of US soldiers, and costing 
taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

US trade unions established in 2003 an organisation, US Labor 
Against the War (USLAW). It is a national network of labour 
organisations and has more than 70 labour affiliates.

The USLAW calls for a just foreign policy based on international 
law and global justice; an end to the US occupation of Iraq; 
redirecting the nation's resources from inflated military 
spending to meeting human needs; supporting US troops by bringing 
them safely home; protecting labour, civil and immigrant rights 
and civil liberties; and solidarity with workers around the world 
struggling for labor and human rights, and those in the US who 
support US foreign and domestic policies that reflect our 
nation's highest ideals.

The Service Employees International Union resolved to work with 
all religious, community, political and foreign policy groups 
which support similar policies.

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