The Guardian August 11, 2004

Iraqi Communist Party condemns criminal bombing of churches

In a statement given to the Iraqi press last week, the Iraqi 
Communist Party leader Mr Hamid Majid Mousa strongly condemned 
the criminal acts targeting churches in Baghdad and Mosul on 
August 1. He said: "These terrorist and treacherous acts are 
targeting the lives of innocent civilians and aim at stirring up 

Mr Mousa described the attacks as "desperate acts to terrorise 
the Iraqi people. Those responsible are exploiting the abnormal 
conditions in Iraq".

He stressed that "these acts will end in miserable failure. Those 
responsible will be damned forever".

"Our Iraqi people should be vigilant, pursuing the criminals and 
reporting on them, to enable the national security forces to 
combat these crimes and put an end to them", Mr Mousa said.

He also called on the interim government "to take effective 
measures to protect the citizens and foil the evil schemes of 

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