The Guardian November 17, 2004

Iraqi Communist Party mourns assassination
of leading member Comrade Wadhah Hassan Abdul Amir

The Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party has mourned 
with deepest sorrow its enormous loss with the death of Comrade 
Wadhah Hassan Abdul Amir (Saadoun), the member of its Politburo, 
and also a member of the Interim National Assembly, who was 
martyred on 13th November 2004, along with two of his comrades, 
while travelling from Baghdad to Kirkuk. Their car was attacked 
by a criminal gang of murderers and remnants of the ousted 

A statement issued by the party said that martyrdom of comrade 
Saadoun constitutes "a grave loss which would be difficult to 

The comrade was "an example of pure and genuine patriotism, full 
of love for the people and homeland ... He was a fully dedicated 
communist, who committed his life for the cause of the oppressed 
and toilers, and for the ideals of justice and socialism, 
devoting all his abilities and potential for its triumph".

Comrade Saadoun joined the party in his early youth, embarking 
along a path of relentless struggle, full of courage and 
sacrifice, along with its members. After joining the Partisan 
Movement of the Party and armed struggle against the bloody 
dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, he emerged as a courageous leader 
through battles fought in the mountains and valleys of Kurdistan. 
This feat won him the admiration and affection of the people of 

During that period and afterwards, he was actively involved in 
the Party's clandestine work against the hated regime, thus 
deserving additional wrath and hatred by the Security and 
Intelligence apparatus of the dictatorship. He was targeted and 
pursued by agents of these instruments of repression and terror, 
with the aim of capturing and physically liquidating him.

After the collapse of Saddam's regime, the late comrade devoted 
all his potential for the process of rebuilding the Party, 
consolidating its organisations in the new conditions so as to 
enable it to continue its march forward. These qualities, as well 
as other personal merits, meant that he emerged, at a relatively 
young age, as a leading cadre who was then elected to the Party 

The Central Committee statement also mourned the martyrdom of two 
courageous comrades, Nawzad Tawfiq Tawfiq and Hasib Mustafa 
Hassan, who were accompanying comrade Saadoun; conveying its 
deepest condolences to their families, comrades and friends.

Iraqi CP's Central Committee strongly denounced the cowardly 
criminals who are shedding the blood of patriots and innocent 
citizens, and reiterated the Party's determination to continue 
the fight alongside the Iraqi people in their just battle for 
freedom, democracy, justice and progress.

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