The Guardian
Issue No: 1168January 28, 2004

Editorial: People power and the 21st Century
Behind the attack on public schools
Obituary: Stanley Dingle
Fire in Communist Party headquarters
Outrage at hospital under-funding
Dangerous lunatics
Failed "Pacific Solution"
Moomba gas blast
One worker's death too many
Farewell great warrior
Voice your opposition to the FTA
What the "war on terrorism" is really about
"We finally got our Frankenstein:
     Saddam Hussein" by Michael Moore

The DSP's final congress or is it?
Party members killed in Baghdad attack
Israel: Separation wall protests mount
268 days: Still no WMD's found in Iraq
USA: "Yes we are the destabilisers"
DPRK calls for new revolutionary offensive
Corporations blamed for mad cow disease
Parmalat black hole: consequences for Australia
Labour notes
Global briefs
Letters to the Editor
TV programs worth watching
Culture and Life
     What price: A man on Mars?