The Guardian
Issue No: 1169February 4, 2004

Editorial: Let's build a
     real alternative to Liberal and Labor

Telstra playing with workers' lives
Obituary: Chris Kempster
NO WAR campaigners receive jail sentences
Carr tries forcing Port Botany expansion
Coming soon GloboBank
Stockmarket cheers Kodak sackings
Call for gas explosion inquiry
Australia Post picketed
Book Review:
     From the Suburbs by Mark Latham

Is Syria next in line for US invasion?
Hutton whitewash is too thin to last
Behind Bush's push for the stars
White House pushes deficit to trillions
Immigration plan "chains workers"
International action for East Timor resources
The World Social Forum:
     A festival of movements

TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Global Briefs
Labour Notes
Culture and Life
     The spirit of luxury: $800 a night