The Guardian
Issue No: 1170February 11, 2004

     More preparations for war in Asia-Pacific

Free Trade Agreement: Corporate take-over
Luna Park no fun for residents
Queensland elections
Bush, Blair, Howard war criminals
Power play in council mergers
Call centre staff stand up to Teletech
CPSU will fight IBM/Telstra jobs to India
Celebrating 120 years of unionism in SA
Bring back the birch.
     Mark Latham on parenting

Iraqi Communist Party statement
Bush's new educational eugenics
El Salvador awaits presidential poll
"School of Assassins" protestors sentenced
Anti-FTAA conference in Cuba
Is Britain killing thousands
Iran: striking workers killed
TV programs worth watching
The "war on terror" and your right to know
Letters to the Editor
Labour briefs
Dingo bytes
Global briefs
Culture and Life
     Absolutely true and scientific:
     Untangling science from religion