The Guardian
Issue No: 1172February 25, 2004

Editorial: Who defends our national interests?
Howard's aged care policy: In debt for life
Redfern: Politically wrecked families
World Social Forum reports in Adelaide
Poaching the Patagonian
Using family support as a political football
Australian Friends of Palestine launched
Dangerous skies
Privatising rail
Bank dumps new mum
SPC workers win
Playing fundamentalist favourites
Sharon's diabolical plan
Winds of change sweep Cyprus
Who is next on the list?
International community cannot abandon Haiti
Guantanamo detentions under fire
Mordechai Vanunu to be freed
Support for Mapuche prisoners in Chile
Iraq one year after. Let's demonstrate!
Israel: Peace Yes the Wall, NO!
TV programs worth watching
Global briefs
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Two parties, no cash and unwanted oil
     Capitalism at work
     War poisons the sea