The Guardian
Issue No: 1174March 10, 2004

     Long live International Women's Day

Totalitarian powers:
     new laws to ban organisations

CPA statement:
     Remove the Howard Government from office

Progressive candidates challenge
     pro-developer Auburn Council

Labor's Sydney Council power-grab backfires
Another funding bonanza for private schools
Bracks attacks nurses' conditions
Aboriginal theft continues
Four Blair Athol mineworkers reinstated
Mass action by Victorian teachers
Whitewashing lies
GM crops warning for Australia
Battle of Vinegar Hill commemorated
Argentine President defies IMF, World Bank
     US funds assault on Chavez Government

Russians test new weapons
It's George W who's destroying families
Iraqi women demand "US out"
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Labour notes
Global briefs
Culture and Life
     Benevolent commands