The Guardian
Issue No: 1179April 21, 2004

Editorial: Lies and illegal wars
Racism behind ATSIC abolition
Vanstone targets Aboriginal Legal Services
M5 health report rejected as "sick joke"
Australian solidarity with Venezuela
NSW State Rail: misdirected funding
Dream crusher in mini-budget
From the coalface: miners strike gold
Child care's corporate parasites
Proposed laws strip workers' rights
The struggle for Venezuela
The Maestro of Fraud
The truth about George Orwell
A few quotes that tell it all
Is US-backed Colombian intervention
     in Venezuela imminent?

Israel: Assassination is lethal provocation
US hopes for FTAA take a blow
Afghanistan: US legacy of chaos lives on
Iraq: Big money for mercenaries
Falluja in April
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Dingo bites
Global briefs
Culture and Life
     Of supermarkets and endless war