The Guardian
Issue No: 1189June 30, 2004

Editorial: Blatant vote buying
Gambling with your savings
The hand-over in Iraq
Iraq CP strengthens resolve for sovereignty
Iraqis stand against violence
Survey's grim findings on Indigenous health
The nation's water privatised
Rally in Adelaide for Iraqi sovereignty
Freespirit severs "slavery" link
Qantas crews to go offshore
Six charged over ACT death
Labor succumbs
Vic Williams' 90th birthday bash!
Private armies, private fortunes, public shame
Cancel your credit cards before you die
Cyprus referendum rejects Annan Plan
US union: "end the war and bring troops home"
"Do not come, Bush!"
Chile: hunger strike ignored
Puerto Rico: call for independence
Greece: anti-NATO protest
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Dingo bytes
Labour Notes
Global briefs
Culture and Life: Yugoslavia and drugs: