The Guardian
Issue No: 1191July 14, 2004

Editorial: Election tasks in Australia
Bases and missiles: the secret sell-out
Anti-militarisation campaign launch
Global exploiter in court
Government forced to release child prisoners
US-arranged torture of Australians
Burn, Baby, Burn: A Review of Fahrenheit 9/11
Hardie immoral & illegal
Privatisation kills
Cabbies in action
Quarantine and "free trade"
Potamia village, Cyprus symbol of the future
All for capitalist accumulation
The terrible price
Who owns the sod?
Canada: victory against big business parties
Tear it down! Israel's wall illegal
Massive theft of Native land
Prescription for plunder
TV programs worth watching
"This is a crazy idea!"
Letters to the Editor
Dingo bytes
Global briefs
Culture and Life
     Here's what happened, see... in West Papua