The Guardian
Issue No: 1194August 4, 2004

Editorial: Arrogance of Howard and Downer
Free Trade Agreement betrayal
Asylum seekers cruelly deceived
NSW corporate rent-a-cop scheme
Sydney rail service suffers savage cuts
Solidarity beats back goons
Hardie Industries "misled Supreme Court"
Sydney tunnel death needs investigation
Profits go up in smoke at BHP-Billiton mine
Fraud & segregation in the land of the free
Fahrenheit 9/11 and ghost of George Orwell
Lies and the Vietnam War
Call for UN action on wall
GI Rights Hotline answers soldiers' calls
Miami TV and attacks on Cuba and Venezuela
9/11 questions refuse to go away
India: Victory for Left Front in Tripura
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Dingo bytes
Global briefs
Culture and Life:
     Soviet-class films a thing of the past