The Guardian
Issue No: 1196August 18, 2004

Editorial: "Wrong and dangerous"
In Venezuela, a victory for working people
Dead man walking
Government ignores Hicks/Habib abuse
The Ten Commandments Stakes
Carr sends disabled to "the Dark Ages"
Hardie's repentance won't wash
Support NSW cleaners
Miners welcome Gretley convictions
Bank staff defiant
Black Friday as Senate passes FTA
Film Review: Tom White
Howard's shameful Indigenous record
The President's mercenary
Thoughts on medals of Olympic proportions
From labour to hip-hop
CP of Chile expresses support for Venezuela
Cuba offers "ray of light" in cancer battle
Haitians confront new repression
Cyprus: strenuous efforts to further unification
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Dingo bytes
Global briefs
Culture and Life: Arcane mysteries