The Guardian
Issue No: 1202October 13, 2004

     Australian Election Roundup
Editorial: Black Saturday
Will of electorate not reflected
     in new Parliament

Scorched earth policies
Evangelical right enters federal politics
Crunch time for smoke-free pubs and clubs
Restaurant picket reaches 200th day
Child care workers to pay for police checks
Kodak workers accept package
Bob Carr and NSW Labor arrogance
No childcare means no work
Government's treatment of asylum seekers
On guard against fascism:
     Julius Fucik remembered

The deportation of the people of Diego Garcia
US backs Israel's slaughter
Asian-European meeting for closer relations
Israel violates the rights of the child
Gagging the independent media
Haiti: regime escalates repression
TV programs worth watching
Dingo bytes
Global briefs
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life: "Humanising" Hitler