The Guardian
Issue No: 1203October 20, 2004

Editorial: Howard will thank Labor, Democrats
     Preference deals may deliver Senate majority

Taking issue: Election 2004
Howard's explosive agenda
Howard's IR world: rip-offs & lock-outs
Award for Bougainville activist
One year on, still no justice for Joel
Destroying TAFE
ABC management "intrusive"
Job cuts leading to power cuts
Government flexes its anti-union powers
Mercury Falling in Hobart
We're all rich oh yeah!
E Timor resists grab of its oil, gas resources
WMD: There were and there are
Communist and Workers' Parties
     put alternatives to imperialist aggression

Republicans, out of ideas,
     ask prosecutors to arrest Michael Moore

Record numbers register for US vote
Russia-Iran strategic ties
Professor sues for release of coffin photos
Indonesian military "unreformed"
Koizumi's government in decay
Halliburton scandal investigated
Cuba: US rice imports will exceed 500,000 tons
TV programs worth watching
Global briefs
Dingo bytes
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life: Christian values!