The Guardian
Issue No: 1205November 3, 2004

Editorial: The right-wing push
100,000 Iraqi dead: crime against humanity
Developers eye the Block
Family First and the Federal Elections
Cape York land rights win
BHP, river wrecker
Sydney Water out-sources brains
Safety net is Medicare minus
Senate to deliver on greed and corruption
Carr policy jails 76-year-old woman
Bosses trip on Electrolux
Question over Hardie Laws
Roofers fight sweatshop rates
Qantas directors' donkey vote
Commonwealth banks on sackings
Curious "support" for arbitration
UN votes to end US blockade of Cuba
Letter to Monsanto seeking justice for Vietnam
Milosevic: This is a political trial
China moves to reduce rural poverty
USA: signing up to vote
Indymedia asks: "Who took our servers?"
TV programs worth watching
Dingo bytes
Global briefs
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life: Forbidden research