The Guardian
Issue No: 1206November 10, 2004

Editorial: The Russian Revolution
US slaughter in Falluja
Bush's phoney "political capital"
Nelson's renewed attack on universities
Zealots push anti-abortion agenda
US to test WMDs in Australia
Workers' action for mental health
Offshore protection for oil rig families
Visy workers' victory
Shearers call for sedated super rams
Union's in-principle agreement with Qantas
Tobacco retailers prey on children
Women's labour, exploited labour
The insecurity of the American Empire
Slaves do not vote
The myth of social partnership
Haiti: Priest's arrest highlights repression
Israeli CP denounces Sharon's Gaza plan
Japan: Protests against US military flights
Historic left victory in Uruguay
Ringing endorsement of revolution in Venezuela
Cuba moves to become dollar-free
A post-election E-mail to friends in the USA
TV programs worth watching
Global briefs
Letters to the Editor