The Guardian
Issue No: 1211December 15, 2004

Editorial: Labor's final insult to workers?
Government agenda is Aboriginal assimilation
CPA call to action in 2005
Fifty years as a communist activist
The great Redfern land grab
Baxter protest against inhumane treatment
Downer's Vanuatu coup
Ion workers' future uncertain
Government should punish negligent bosses
Craig Johnston victimised, jailed for two years
Wilson Tuckey a disgrace
Review: Team America: World Police
Message on West Papuan National Day
Bush plan for Social Security: divide and profit
Ukraine: Ultra-right supports Yushchenko
US: Book burning in the 21st Century
UNICEF: The State of the World's Children
US: Why is the government spying on us?
Haitian Government releases priest
US law aimed at North Korea
TV programs worth watching
Dingo bytes
Global briefs
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life: Christmas riches