The Guardian

Issue No: 1365 . 14 May, 2008

  • Editorial: Burma and humanitarian aid
  • The Budget and the role of government
  • Successful film night in WA
  • Noongar back to square one
  • Bosses and email interception
  • WA State public servants rally
  • Electricity sell-off: unions stand strong
  • Budget: Indigenous education funding
  • WorkChoices back in universities?
  • Budget scorecard
  • The ANZAC-Palestine connection
  • Israel: Reflecting on cultural boycott
  • Sovereignty and food security
  • Nepal searches for unified path forward
  • Dreaming of Latin American Unity
  • Separatist vote threatens Bolivia’s progress
  • Culture and Life: The Summit; the bottom line
    Articles in PDF format:
  • Frequently asked political questions
  • Rice crisis sweeps SE Asia
  • East Timor government: stormy waters
  • Chávez nationalises Sidor steel
  • Sale puts 900 jobs at risk
  • Chemically Modified 21st Century Soldiers
  • Dingo bytes
  • Global briefs
  • TV programs worth watching
  • Letters to the Editor