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February 17, 2020 - click here for index of articles.

Fighting for our lives!

On 22nd February, hundreds of thousands of Australians will be in the streets fighting for our lives, for the survival of humanity.   more ...

Bandt In, Di Natale Out: What Do Communists Do?

Two weeks ago, Greens MP Adam Bandt assumed leadership of the Australian Greens. In the aftermath of the shock resignation of Richard Di Natale it left many wondering: what will a Bandt-led Greens look like?  more ...

Abolish the Cashless Debit Card: Raise the Rate

The Newstart allowance for the unemployed remains at a miserly $40 a day with no increase for twenty-six years. The government has shifted many people from sickness and single parent payments onto much lower Newstart payments. To add insult to injury the government has plans to roll out its punitive income management scheme for Newstart recipients nationally.  more ...

Morrison threatens sick leave for shift workers

The Morrison government’s industrial relations minister, Christian Porter, confirmed that he would seek to legislate away personal leave entitlements for shift workers and job security for permanent workers if the High Court finds against the Government.  more ...

Grill’d Unhealthy Wages

Hospitality and wage theft appear to go hand in hand. The hospitality industry is notorious for overworking their staff, not paying penalty rates, and underpaying their staff.  more ...

SA’s Liberal Government: An Embarrassment

It will go down in history as one of the biggest backflips by the Liberal party in South Australia. In opposition, when Labor was closing the only coal-fired power station at Port Augusta, the Liberals were advocating the state government throw taxpayer’s money into keeping it open for at least another year or two.   more ...

Onelink workers strike

YENNORA, NSW – Last Monday, Onelink workers were striking for better pay, refusing to let trucks (that weren’t delivering crucial medical supplies) from entering the premise. Onelink is a subsidiary of Symbion, who describe themselves as “a national wholesaler of healthcare services and products with over 4,000 retail pharmacy customers and 1,300 hospital customers across Australia.”   more ...

Communism is National as well as International

In the third of his recitals of lies against Communism, Prime Minister Menzies charged the Australian Communist Party with being “an integral part of the world Communist revolutionary movement, which, in the King’s Dominions and elsewhere, engages in espionage and sabotage and in activities or operations of a treasonable or subversive nature.”  more ...

Communist Manifesto: Its relevance 150 years on

The Manifesto of the Communist Party, written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, is a rich historic document which has affected the lives of millions of people around the world. As communist and workers’ parties around the world are celebrating its 150th anniversary, their enemies are at work, churning out the usual claims that the 150-year-old document is dated and irrelevant.   more ...

Will We Be Culled? A Re-Visited (and Shorten) Book Review

Rob Wallace’s Big Farms Make Big Flu obtusely and quite unwittingly suggested we in Australia needed ecological socialism to be a threatening third party (or faction) in our one-party state as it is a servant of capitalism, and antithetical to the people. Four years on and writing about the coronavirus he makes a plea for eco-socialism now. And as per a previous book review it is not an unreasonable boast of the book cover that here is an author of “wit and brilliance ... [that brings alive] dispatches on infectious disease, agribusiness, and the nature of science”.   more ...

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