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Issue #1467      11 August 2010

To CPA members and supporters

I write these lines to all members of the Communist Party of Australia and its supporters at a crucial point in time when the Australian people face yet another election on August 21.

Since 1999 this is the first time the name Communist will appear on the ballot paper in NSW. This great opportunity means the Communist Alliance can share its alternative policies with the Australian people; policies for change, for a better future for working people.

The CPA forms an active part of the Communist Alliance, the electoral formation that proudly presents the electorate with policies that advocate universal access to health, public education, jobs, the environment and industrial relations that would deliver the rights at work that the Australian electorate voted for in 2007.

Both major parties are silent on industrial relations and the draconian legislation that threatens to put workers like Ark Tribe in prison for refusing to dob in his workmates. Both support the existence of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, Howard’s political police for the construction industry that has been maintained by the Rudd/Gillard government.

The major parties prefer instead to compete for the xenophobic vote, boasting they will “stop the boats” yet both remaining tight lipped on the reasons that push people to risk their lives in leaky boats that bring them to Australian shores. Both Gillard and Abbott are silent on their criminal bipartisan support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; one of the real causes for people fleeing for their lives, together with inequality and environmental degradation.

On climate change we are witnessing reports of dramatic weather patterns.

Sixty-five years after Hiroshima we are in increasing danger of nuclear war: we must all take united action to stop imperialism through a strong peace movement.

This system has to be replaced by socialism as the only alternative for the survival of humankind.

Parliamentary struggle in itself will not achieve real change without a strong, grass roots people’s movement. The CPA correctly assesses that the current period is an opportunity for all party members to work together with other forces to break the two-party system stranglehold. In this the Communist Alliance, the Greens and other ultra left and progressive forces have a crucial role to play.

Outside NSW, where the CA is not standing any candidates, the Party calls on the electorate to preference the Greens first followed by other left, progressive and independents. We advocate leaving the Liberal/National Coalition and other right-wing candidates last.

It is with the strongest belief in the CPA as the Party for the future that I call on all party members in NSW to rally behind Communist Alliance Senate candidates Brenda Kellaway and Geoff Lawler and CA candidate for the House of Representatives in the Seat of Sydney, Denis Doherty.

Visit the Communist Alliance for more information: and send your donations to Communist Alliance, c/o John Bailey, 74 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010.  

Eveleigh Markets.


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