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Issue #1750      September 28, 2016


Australia’s aid and comfort to IS

A week ago the Australian Air Force took part in the bombing and slaughter of Syrian troops at Deir al-Zor, a city in eastern Syria that has been under siege by ISIS for the last two years. This was done in concert with the US forces that are illegally ranging over Syria – in the air and on the ground, justifying their presence by the cover of a war against terrorism.

Those actions – including Australia’s bombing of Syrian government forces – give aid and comfort to criminal fanatics and mercenaries. The objective of the US and its allies – including Australia – is the overthrow of the Assad government. That the US and Australia are bombing another country without the consent of its government or the UN is a reflection of the regime change intent and the preparation for invasion and occupation; that the US is not at war with ISIS, but that ISIS is a US tool to destroy Syria.

Most dangerously the US has targeted the sovereign nation of Syrian for destruction to advance US strategic interests in the Middle East and beyond and that is what makes the war on Syria such a perilous venture for all humanity

Australia cut diplomatic relations with Syria in line with the US and has enforced US-imposed sanctions on Syria that hurt the Syrian people. Australian military aircraft have been carrying out strikes in Syria, under US direction, at least since 2015.

Australian special forces have been training anti-government forces at least since 2014, to carry out regime change in Syria. These military incursions by Australia are illegal under international law: their very waging of war in Syria, without UN sanction and against the wishes of Syrians, is a war crime.

But the main objective of the “war against terrorism” is to advance the strategic objective of the US and NATO into central Asia, as part of a geo-strategic concept.

The US leadership has, from the beginning with the invasion of Iraq in 2003, always had a number of other countries in its sights. At the time the then US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld declared that the US had over 60 countries on its hit list.

The question to be asked is whether the US and NATO will be able to stop the development of the people’s struggles around the world against globalisation, prevent the growth of the socialist states, stop the struggles for national liberation by the developing countries?

Will the imperialist offensive succeed in changing the historic direction of events, which, if it were to succeed, would result in the ultimate domination of the world by US imperialism?

As the real meaning of the “war against terrorism” unfolds it is certain that many more people and governments will oppose it and come to support the ideas of the settlement of disputes without recourse to war, respect for the independence and sovereignty of all countries, non-interference in the affairs of other countries and respect for the right of all people to choose their preferred form of economic and political system. They will support peaceful exchanges between people and mutually beneficial trade rather than the one-sided advantages through the likes of the Trans Pacific Partnership that the developed countries are imposing.

It is now almost 170 years since Marx and Engels declared in the Communist Manifesto that capitalism creates its own gravediggers. This remains true today. Now there are millions upon millions of working people, being united in worldwide trade union federations. There are huge numbers of others who are being beaten down by the exploitation of the big corporations and are joining the resistance.

Those perpetrating the crimes and carnage are fond of talking about “civilisation”. But imperialism is responsible for many, many wars and has driven millions of people into poverty and unemployment, deprived more millions of health and education facilities. This is not civilisation but barbarism.

But there is a choice, there is an alternative. The people of the world can only be truly free and be said to have taken the path to civilisation when capitalism and imperialism have been defeated.

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