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Issue #1806      December 13, 2017

Greetings from the Tudeh Party of Iran

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran would like to take this opportunity to salute all delegates to the 13th Congress of the fraternal Communist Party of Australia.

We wish your Congress every success in realising its full program in discussing, formulating and ratifying the policies before it and for renewing the tactical and strategic tasks in the struggle for peace, progress and socialism in Australia.

We would also like to take this opportunity to restate our profound commitment to the long-standing fraternal relations between the Communist Party of Australia and the Tudeh Party of Iran. We fully appreciate and thank the CPA for the consistent solidarity it has extended towards Iran’s working class and their party – the Tudeh Party of Iran – in their struggle for peace, democracy and social justice.

Your Congress is taking place at a time when the world is still gripped by the impacts of the global multi–faceted economic and monetary crisis. Capitalist forces internationally are trying to shift the burden of this systemic crisis onto the shoulders of workers and ordinary people with the dangers of instability, war and imperialist intervention becoming ever more widespread.

Australia, as an advanced capitalist country, has been demonstrating the same tendencies. While the austerity policies adopted by the successive Australian governments have made the lives of the working class and poor in your country more desperate, the rich have become richer and more ruthless in their drive to extract more wealth and surplus value at the expense of the disenfranchised and the environment.

The military doctrine of the Australian government is directed against peace and the struggle for socialism. Although Australia is not formally a member of NATO, its governments have played an enthusiastic part in the adventures of NATO in various parts of the globe – in particular in Afghanistan and in relation to the US ”Pivot to Asia” strategic policy.

Middle East

The Middle East is going through a very dangerous chapter in its history. The people of the region are faced daily with imperialism’s attempts to spread war, terror, and destabilisation, in order to coerce them into accepting its domination. The Middle East has been the target of the carefully designed attempts by imperialism to consolidate their hegemony in the strategically important region and to ensure the unrivalled control of the flow of oil and gas, the ability to freely plunder the region’s resources and to exploit its markets.

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the US has laid bare the manner by which the US operates in the Middle East. Donald Trump has in effect auctioned the foreign policy of its administration to the highest bidder and to those who are prepared to finance US coffers through the purchasing of billions in dollars of advanced military hardware and services. US support for ruling circles in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt is compounding the crisis in the region.

In his visit to Saudi Arabia in May 2017, the US President signed an agreement to sell US$300 billion worth of armaments and military equipment to the Saudi Kingdom and inaugurated the launch of an “Islamic NATO” consisting of military personnel from 39 reactionary Arab and Islamic countries. This army is led by Raheel Sharif, the former Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army who earlier this year was appointed by the Saudis as the Chief of a 39–nation Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition, financed and controlled by Saudi Arabia.

What we are witnessing is the implementation of an openly aggressive gunboat diplomacy by the US administration and its reactionary allies in the region through the fanning of tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia – all under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”, with Iran being declared by Trump to be the main sponsor of that terrorism.

Even though, on the surface, the policies and discourse of the Trump administration are often perceived to be unpredictable and chaotic, at their core exists a coherent trend towards the continuation and protection of US dominance. The fact remains that the foreign policy of the United States under Donald Trump has been designed to serve the interest of the oil and military cartels in USA supported by the most extreme circles of warmongering neoconservatives – and to ensure that the energy resources and minerals from the Middle East are denied to Russia and China, the US’s chief rivals regardless of any rhetoric to the contrary.

The first speech of US President Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly (GA) on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, exhibited before world public opinion the deeply reactionary, interventionist, and warmongering nature of the US administration, and thus the grave risks to world peace. Using abusive and threatening language in his speech at the UN GA, the US President referred to Iran as a “rogue” state and called on the international community to confront the “destabilising activities of the murderous regime” of Iran.

Of course, Trump tried to portray himself as a friend and well–wisher of the Iranian people and stated that the “Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy.”

The Tudeh Party of Iran is seriously concerned about the provocative statements and threats emanating from US Imperialism that have taken on a very dangerous dimension since Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia and then Israel in May 2017. This has encouraged Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies to pursue a policy of change to the balance of forces in the Middle East.

JCPOA not violated

Our party is anxious that war under any pretext would have catastrophic consequences in Iran and the region. We advocate resolution by negotiation of all disputes between the countries of the region based on international law and within the framework of the UN Charter.

The Tudeh Party of Iran is gravely concerned about developments over recent months regarding the stance of the US administration towards the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – Ed] international accord, reached with Iran in 2015 with the support of all five permanent members of the UN Security Council, which brought more than ten years of wrangling and knife–edge tension regarding the country’s nuclear program to a close.

The new US administration led by Donald Trump has not cited any violation of the agreement on the Iranian government’s part but has instead predicated on the US administration’s strategic designs for the containment of Iran and an unopposed, uninterrupted sphere of control encompassing the whole Middle East. The party believes that the JCPOA is a multilateral international treaty and that the US has no legitimate right under international law either to unilaterally declare it void.

In recent years there has been increasing talk in imperialist circles of the inevitability of a redrawing of the maps of the region. The Tudeh Party of Iran is seriously concerned that if the forces campaigning for peace and progress are not soon able to mobilise an effective and united campaign for an end to the bloodshed in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, the political map of the region could undergo massive alteration. This will have dire consequences further afield, including in both Asia and Europe.

Medieval dictatorship

Our country, Iran, is going through a very complex period in its contemporary history. The country is ruled by a medieval dictatorship that has sacrificed the human, natural and strategic potential of the country for the sake of its brutal and damaging rule and in pursuit of its own particular interests.

The ruling regime is politically repressive and its social outlook is frighteningly backward and reactionary, while at the same time its economic approach is based on neo-liberal policies.

Although the relations between Iran and the US have suffered certain setbacks as a result of the bizarre way that Donald Trump has reorganised the foreign policy priorities of his administration, the regime is still intent on the continued normalisation of its diplomatic and trade links with the US.

The fact that [President] Hasan Rouhani’s term of office was renewed for another four years in May 2017 is an indication of this continuation in the regime’s foreign policy approach towards the US and the EU. In the view of the leaders of the theocratic regime in Iran, better and friendly relations with the US administration – as enjoyed during the Obama years – are invaluable for the perpetuation of the theocratic dictatorship in Iran and indeed its survival.

They are more than prepared to play a “constructive” role in the final implementation of the US’s “New Middle East Plan”, as proved over the course of the previous US President’s term of office.

Struggle for democracy

The Tudeh Party of Iran continues its efforts to organise the masses and believes that through the creation of a united movement of opposition forces – including the social movements and, crucially, the working class, women and the youth – the path for fundamental, democratic and progressive changes can be paved.

The people’s struggle for democracy in Iran is aimed at creating the conditions for the building of a genuine anti–imperialist popular movement and this in turn is related to our principled position in resisting imperialist plans for our country and the wider region. The regime is resorting to brute force and open repression in order to frustrate our efforts.

The Tudeh Party of Iran, through this message to your 13th Congress, assures you of our commitment to the furtherance of our bilateral fraternal relations. We believe that the success of our global struggle for peace and progress will demand the broadest unity of all forces that fight for peace and progress globally. The communists globally have an irreplaceable role in this struggle and in achieving this unity.

We are confident that our common struggle for real and durable peace in the world will be successful and that human and democratic rights will prevail.

We salute you in your struggle for peace, progress and socialism. May victory be yours!

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