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Issue #1819      April 25, 2018

Cut off from the world – Why?

Statement: Supporters for Justice for Julian Assange

WikiLeaks publisher and whistleblower Julian Assange is currently confined to a small room in Ecuador’s embassy in London. He is blocked from the internet, use of the telephone or from even having visitors, so is effectively cut off from the rest of the world.

Assange cannot leave the embassy, where he has been holed up for six years as a political refugee.

The British government threatens to arrest him if he leaves and to extradite him to the United States. The US wants to prosecute Assange as a “hostile non-state actor” who will be charged with espionage, or treason, for “leaking” information since 2010 of American war crimes in the Middle East and elsewhere. He faces life or a possible death sentence if brought before a court in the United States.

The UK and the US have been pressuring Ecuador to hand over Assange: WikiLeaks’ recent challenging of the official UK government narrative on the alleged poisoning of a Russian double agent in Britain has provided Ecuador’s new president a pretext to completely shut down Assange’s contacts with the outside world, on grounds of interfering in the affairs of other countries that are “friends” of Ecuador’s.

It also conveniently stymies Assange’s chances to appeal a recent British court ruling that upholds an arrest warrant for charges against the Swedish government brought against, but had since dropped.

Why are the media silent? Where are the human rights organisations?

The attack on Julian Assange and his enforced silence is an attack on press freedom and the right to free speech, an attack that affects us all!

Julian Assange has done what true journalist should do. He has spoken the truth to power – and by revealing that truth to the world called to account those who seek to manipulate and control our lives,

While his revelations have rocked the world, the consequences he and his organisation have since suffered have been met with silence. Especially appalling, given Assange is an Australian, is that this includes the Australian media.

Julian Assange has basically been “disappeared” by the corporate-state media internationally. Human rights organisations and many on the progressive or “left” side of politics have also failed to make any significant protests.

What makes Julian Assange’s enforced silence and the marginalisation of other dissident journalists doubly significant at this stage is that there is an unmistakable drift to war at the moment, led by the insistent provocation of China and Russia by the United States, accompanied by a chorus of compliant media.

Why do the Australian government, the Opposition parties and even the journalists’ union choose to ignore the injustice visited upon Julian Assange?

The United Nations has declared that Julian Assange is being held in arbitrary and illegal detention, because of the actions of the Swedish and British government and the threat of his extradition to the United States.

The silence of Australian political parties in the face of this ruling demonstrates the pervasive and corrupting influence of American power on Australia’s political culture and the subservience of Australian politicians to US machinations.

They dare not even protect Australian citizens from jeopardy at the hands our great and powerful “allies”.

We must speak up! The people must inform each other when the elites conspire to silence dissent, or prevent the speaking of truth to power!

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