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Issue #1875      July 3, 2019

No shortcuts

I write this piece in response to several calls and emails I have received in recent days about confusion created among our fraternal Parties based in Sydney and internationally around the so-called Australian Communist Party, ACP.

This confusion began when the CPA’s former General Secretary Bob Briton wrote broadly requesting greetings to the ACP’s foundational Congress. He resigned his post and from the CPA on March 21, 2019.

Some of the fraternal Parties, both based in Sydney and internationally, contacted us asking about what they considered a fraudulent request. These fraternal parties have historical relationships with the CPA and did not want to jeopardise our fraternal relations. One of those Parties actually sent the greeting to us thinking we had requested it. They did however follow up with us as they were confused and concerned thinking rightfully that the CPA in its long history has hosted many more than one Congress. This prompted them to contact us.

Some parties who also have representation or local branches in Sydney immediately approached the CPA flagging with us a warning about the request being circulated.

Some fraternal parties based internationally expressed their disappointment that the resignation of a handful of individuals including the former general secretary had now been grouped into an organisation by a seemingly similar name (ACP).

This group also made attempts to reclaim the one-hundred-year history of the Communist Party of Australia. As many people are now aware, while leaving an individual in the group took control of the CPA’s Facebook page and fraudulently changed its name again deceiving the more than ten thousand people who had liked the CPA’s page.

For the peace of mind of our readers and fraternal parties let me reiterate this was not a split but rather a disheartened small group of individuals who were unable to improve their arguments to influence internal discussions.

As I have said before, these actions only weaken the left. However, the CPA has only been strengthened in its internal unity and leadership. In the long road to socialism, there are those who fight one day and they are good but only some fight all their lives and those are indispensable.

There are no shortcuts to a socialist revolution.

Vinnie is CPA President

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