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Issue #1885      September 11, 2019

The role of the leader

Leading by example has been and remains the best way to lead. Leaders must remain close to the rank and file and the masses in general because their support is crucial in the role of leadership. Communists should be the best at work, study and community work. They should be the people workers look to for guidance and communist leaders should have no personal interests more than the collective. Advancing the interests of the working class advances the interest of the people.

Leaders must remain connected and willing to listen to the rank and file and masses in general. Their feedback on their needs and those of society act as a guide for leadership to act upon. Every decision made should be tested in practice. Feedback from the people will inform of the correctness of those decisions.

In recent weeks the Party has called on all Party members to actively support the upcoming climate strike to be held on September 20. All Party organisations and members should be on the street joining the call from young people to save the planet from climate catastrophe.

During this time, the CPA campaigns for a shorter working week as a demand for working people towards a just transition in this time of crisis. Consumption and production cannot continue as it is. We need to find new ways of doing things but this should not mean workers are left behind. Green jobs must be created. Working less hours can help those who currently work excessive hours of unpaid overtime and at the same time help those who can’t get enough hours or who must live a precarious life working casually through labour hire and other precarious ways of employment.

The struggle for a shorter working week is not a new idea and has always been part of the class struggle for better wages and conditions.

The longer a working week is the more it maximises surplus value from labour and increases the profit margin for the exploiters. Bosses have the upper hand and currently use all sort of tricks against the working class. For example, it is now common for the number of breaks to be reduced often sold to workers with the reasoning of getting home earlier. This practice further hurts workers by preventing the right to organise and less time for workers to discuss problems in the workplace.

On September 20 we call to all our comrades in leading positions to lead by example and mobilise our membership in the workplace and community organisations. We must take it to the streets to reclaim our rights as workers for social change in defence of our jobs and the environment. It is time to fight for climate emergency.

* Vinnie is CPA President

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