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Issue #1905      March 2, 2020

Red Women Competition

Throughout 2020 the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and the Guardian are marking the 100th anniversary of the communist movement in Australia. During those years communists have been to the fore in struggles for women’s trade union and Indigenous rights, against war, and much more.

Names such as Jack Miles, Jack Kavanagh, Jock Garden, Fred Paterson, Lance Sharkey, Vic Williams, Tom Nelson, Ralph Gibson, Judah Watten, Alan Marshall, Frank Hardy, Noel Counihan, and Peter Symon are familiar – but how easy is it to draw up a similar list of female revolutionaries? Maybe you can think of a few.

Yet, over those years there have been many revolutionary women whose stories deserve to be told. Some have taken leadership roles in the party, in the peace movement, as authors, trade unionists, in the women’s movement, etc. Many have worked quietly with little recognition.

The CPA, as part of the centenary celebrations, is running a competition to make better known the work and achievements of some of these women. Party members, supporters, and Guardian readers and friends are invited to enter this competition by submitting an article on the life and work of a revolutionary woman.

The information in your article can be based on research or interview. Entrants are free to choose the method. The article should be no longer than 1,500 words and be done with the consent of the person if they are still living. A relevant photo or other image would be appreciated if appropriate.

It is planned to publish the winning entries in the Guardian and to later produce a small pamphlet containing the winning and several other entries.

There will be three prizes:

First prize is $300. Second Prize is $150. Third Prize is $50.

The closing date is Tuesday 5th May. Judges are to be advised.

Entries are not restricted to women, but they must be about women. Party branches or individuals may submit entries. For more information

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