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Issue #1906      March 9, 2020

The Sanctions Kill, Eye Witness Report!

As part of the resolutions adopted by the first anti-imperialist Meeting held in Caracas on 22-24th January 2020, actions and meetings were held from 27th February all over the world.

In Perth, in conjunction with Politics in the Pub, we launched the day in solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and against neoliberalism.

The Communist Party of Australia’s (CPA) president gave an eyewitness report which followed questions and answers from the floor.

On 1st March, Daniel Gasparri, Venezuela’s Chargé d’Affaires, hosted a public meeting at the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Embassy in Canberra. The event attracted some sixty people among them diplomats and other special guests and members of the solidarity movement. CPA President Vinnie Molina and Saul Ruiz, a representative of the Australia in Solidarity with Latin America (ASLA), shared their eye witness reports from the Caracas event. They highlighted how the economic war and sanctions are killing people in countries where the US has imposed its illegal sanctions.

It was noted that now more than ever those sanctions must be lifted. With the spreading of the Coronavirus (Convid19), treating infected people requires governments to be able to purchase food, medical equipment, and medicines. The economic and political sanctions prevent Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, and other countries from being able to meet these state responsibilities are jeopardised by the economic sanctions. People’s lives are at risk and the world population might become the victims of the US-sponsored economic war and sanctions on countries resisting US imperialism.

Five years of economic war has also hit oil production in Venezuela. PDVSA, the state owned oil company, is unable to purchase spare parts and additives. It also prevents third countries from trading with Venezuela.

Other sanctions recently imposed include a block on Venezuela’s airline Conviasa which directly affects 2,000 workers. These sanctions affect the maintenance and refuelling of aircraft, threaten individual passengers, and make bookings almost impossible; the sanctions hit hard workers and their families.

Delegates who attended the Caracas meeting are working towards building an anti-imperialist platform for life, sovereignty, and peace in their own countries.

The CPA demands the Australian government’s recognition of Nicolas Maduro as the legitimate president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The CPA also demands the end of the economic war and the lifting of the US sanctions on all countries especially during this time of crisis and for the end of the Australia-US alliance!

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