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Guardian #1956 – 5th April, 2021 – click here for index.

Govt to hit Women’s super

Last month, Superannuation Minister Jane Hume (also Minister for Women’s Economic Security [sic]) announced that a draft bill would be released soon for superannuation changes, including new compassionate grounds for early access to super for victims of domestic violence. They would be allowed to apply for up to $10,000 “as an important last resort lifeline.”  more ...

Cabinet shuffle does not bode well

Last Monday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a cabinet reshuffle that saw Defence Minister Linda Reynolds and Attorney-General and Industrial Relations Minister Christian Porter lose their portfolios. Replacing them is Peter Dutton, who will become the next Defence Minister and leader of the government in the House of Representatives, and Michaelia Cash as the new Attorney-General and Industrial Relations Minister.  more ...

NSW floods not a single story

In late March, floods covered 600 km along the NSW coast with tens of thousands of people evacuated from their homes. This event has been referred to in the media as a once in a 100-year event.  more ...

Government’s contempt for disabled people

It is hardly a shocker to hear of the Coalition government’s antipathy towards its nation’s most disadvantaged people. But with recent facts coming to light this month, the government’s attacks on disabled people have gone from predictable to egregious.  more ...

Towards the 14th CPA National Congress

The CPA is just commencing the process of Party-wide discussion of the draft Political Resolution to be adopted by the 14th Congress to be held in Sydney on 29-31 October 2021. The upcoming break might be a good opportunity for all Party comrades to exercise their rights to participate under our internal democracy to analyse, discuss, amend and develop the Party document that will guide the Party’s political work for the next four years.  more ...

Palm Sunday: Melbourne walks in solidarity with refugees

On Sunday, the 28th March was Palm Sunday, an important day on activist calendars for groups across the political spectrum. The Palm Sunday march is held each year on the Sunday before Easter in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and other cities across the country. It began several decades ago as a peace march against war and nuclear armament but has since developed into a platform for fighting for justice for refugees.  more ...

Parliament calls for Royal Commission into veteran suicides

On 22nd March, the House of Representatives joined the Senate in passing a motion calling for the establishment of a Royal Commission into Veteran Suicides. The government has been reluctant to call for the establishment of a Royal Commission, taking the less drastic step of appointing a National Commissioner last year, but Scott Morrison eventually conceded that the government would support the motion.   more ...

Art in the name of exploitation

On 20th March, the organisers of the creative arts festival Dark Mofo put out a chilling call to First Nations people on Instagram: “we want your blood.” Once you read the text beneath the picture, they began to specify that they were asking for blood donations to be used for one of the festival’s performance pieces. The idea behind the “artwork” in question entitled “Union Flag” was to drench the British flag in the blood of First Nations people. This immediately drew swathes of criticism from First Nations peoples and was roundly condemned in the arts community and beyond.  more ...

Blinken blinks first at US-China Summit in Alaska

Top officials from China and the United States (US) exchanged verbal blows at the Alaska Summit last week, after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan opened the session by making false and unwarranted accusations about China’s governance and international affairs.  more ...

Brisbane International Women’s Day 2021

The 2021 IWD event for the Brisbane branch of the CPA was held as a joint activity with ASLA (Australian Solidarity with Latin America) on 7th March at the Redbrick Hotel in Brisbane.  more ...

IPAN webinar on Defence and Foreign Policy

The lockdowns brought about by the pandemic have proved there is a silver lining to every cloud. It has introduced me to “zooming” and a wealth of wonderfully informative webinars: this one held on 25th March by IPAN, being no exception.  more ...

Iran and China sign 25-year $400 billion agreement

The 25-year strategic cooperation roadmap provides for comprehensive bilateral collaboration in many sectors. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif signed a 25-year comprehensive strategic partnership agreement in Tehran marking a milestone in bilateral relations between the two countries.  more ...


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