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Guardian #1936 – October 12, 2020 – click here for index of articles.

Bosses’ budget

The “big-spend” budget is noteworthy for not directing expenditure to where it is most needed and of most benefit to the economy. Nor are tax cuts directed to where they are most likely to be spent and so stimulate the economy. This budget will increase inequality and add to the ranks of the unemployed and underemployed.  more ...

Berejiklian denies workers’ pay rise

In April, New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian stated: “Our health professionals are among the best in the world and we must do everything we can to help them not just now but also in the weeks and months ahead as we battle this virus.”   more ...

A working class milestone to celebrate

The Australian working class celebrates a milestone in October this year in the struggle for political power. The 100th anniversary of the formation of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA).  more ...

Spin Doctors’ Dictionary – confidential!

This dictionary is designed for employers and governments to avoid calling a spade a spade or revealing their hand.  more ...

“Hyper exploitation” in our agricultural sector

The Australian Workers’ Union released a statement 30th September titled “Young Australians being conscripted into modern-day slavery.”  more ...

Red Women: Beryl Miller

Romina Beitseen

I first met comrade Beryl Miller in late 1986 when I first came to Australia. I phoned the Socialist Party of Australia (SPA) to speak with them about my interest in joining the Party. Beryl answered the phone and invited me to come into the office for a chat/interview. The office was located in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. There I met with Beryl, Alan, and another executive member (unfortunately I can’t remember his name).  more ...

PitPP: Military spending in Australia

With Australia continuing to be in the grip of an economic recession brought on in large part by a public health epidemic, our governments fiscal situation continues to worsen – it has started winding back JobSeeker and making cuts to higher education and renewable energy – yet in the midst of the pandemic, it made an announcement of a $270 billion funding boost for the military.  more ...

Communist Party and the Intellectuals

The relation of the Communist Party and the labour movement generally, to the intellectuals, that is, those engaged in mental work as distinct from physical labour, is a matter around which there arise time to time some confused notions.  more ...

Best years – when the party was strong and active

(1995) The formation of the Communist Party of Australia on 30th October, 1920 was not a chance event. There was a long journey of struggle by the working people leading up to its founding.  more ...

The life of The Party throughout the years

The Communist Party of Australia has been involved in a lot of activities and actions in the course of its 100 years. Throughout October, we will look at some of those moments. This week we will look at the Party’s youth. In its heyday, the Socialist Party of Australia (now CPA), had its Young Socialist League (YSL). Below are some photos from that period of actions and YSL Congresses.  more ...

Pompeo’s China-smearing rhetoric not well received

In Greece, Italy, the Vatican, and Croatia, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continued his attempts to distance European governments from China and its investment projects.  more ...

The political struggle for Kanaky’s independence

On Sunday 4th October, Kanaky (New Caledonia) held a second referendum to decide on its independence from France. 180,000 people voted on the question with an 80 per cent turnout and a 56.67 per cent majority voting to reject independence, according to SBS News.  more ...

An unidentified man selling the Guardian and other communist literature in Smith Street, Collingwood, Melbourne, on a Saturday morning in the 1960s. He rests his wares against a Holden FE model panel van. The Guardian was the official organ of the Victorian State Committee of the Communist Party of Australia.


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