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12th CPA Congress


Go to: Belgium, Bohemia, Brazil, Britain, Chile, China, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, El Salvador, Finland, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Latin America, Lebanon, Palestine, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Spain, USA, Venezuela, Yugoslavia


National Council Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB)

Dear Comrades,

We congratulate the Communist Party of Australia on the occasion of its 12th National Congress, to be held in Sidney on October 4-7, 2013. We convey to the leadership and the entire membership of the CPA our best wishes for a successful Congress, that will guide the Party to further advances in its fight for the defense and the promotion of the rights and aspirations of the Australian working class and people, in the course of their struggle for socialism.

We are in a period of a deep and systemic world capitalist crisis. In such conditions, not only are social contradictions and class struggle intensifying, but also reformist efforts to compromise and lead the working class astray from the path of genuine societal change. The main slogan of your Congress “Active and United for a Socialist Australia” is right.

As for you, the main work of our next (9th) Congress will be to boost the capacity for the leadership of the PTB to meet the challenges before us as the economic crisis worsens and governments seek to push the cost of the crisis onto the less privileged.

Workers in Austalia and Belgium belong to the same international working class, Austalian and Belgian communists belong to the same international communist movement. Together, we are aspiring and fighting for a world of peace, progress and socialism.

We are confident that the 12th Congress will usher in a period of new successes and advances for the Communist Party of Australia.

With comradely greetings,

Bert De Belder
Head of the International Department Member of the
National Council Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB)

Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia (KSČM)

Dear comrades,

Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia gives its most cordially greetings to your 12th Congress. Let us give you this greetings message to be written with great respect and appreciation towards your Party as well as towards your work within difficult conditions of both the internal and international situation and continuously deepening capitalist crisis. We send our greetings and words of solidarity just in the time to get ready for an early election, striving for the best possible result which would enable us to defend people’s interests even more effectively.

Conservative Right-wing winning the federal election in Australia, it can bring to your country nothing but both the class struggle escalating and the living standards dropping in the country as well as your country to be even more subordinated to both British and US imperial politics. You, communists of Australia, are facing to growing urgent need to build up a more effective Left-wing group than up-to-now, to be able to response so that the majority of Australian population coming to vote would take a decision for the alternative of both the solidarity and the social progress, to build up the socialism in your country.

The necessity to struggle for globally sustainable peace by all strength, it is more urgent than every before; maybe the most since the end of the WW2. Growing aggressiveness, especially that of the US with its NATO allies, and an effort to draw more and more forces into imperial adventures, supporting the attack on Syria the last, persistently make the situation worse. It is obvious it being one of the ways by which the governments try to distract people’s attention out of both the internal issues and the capitalism’s wider contradictions. The struggle for peace, it is still the basic task of communists as well as of progressive people globally.

The nearest steps on the road towards the programmable goal, the socialism, are given – to do everything to stop unemployment’s growth, to upset anti-people austerity measures by current governments, to be supported by global institutions like the IMF or the World Bank. To stop all-embracing privatisation and to give key industry and services, the medical care the first, back to the hands of both the state and people, to ensure the profits coming to the benefit of everyone, not of the few. To enlarge permanently the cooperation with progressive parts of the society, while preserving the Party’s programme goal of working successfully for the benefit of all people of the country.

We believe your Congress can address the largest strata of population by its conclusions, becoming so an important step to find the way out of current crisis. The way out which can bring the solution of the crisis not at the expense of people, but in favour of them. Just for it, it is necessary to keep a mutual support and the unity of progressive democratic forces of the whole society to tackle with the current capitalist crisis as well as with increasing neo-liberalism, the militarism, the xenophobia and the Right-wing extremism. We believe your Congress also shall contribute to it.

Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia gives its cordially greetings to the delegates of your Congress, wishing you every success in the struggle for fairer society in Australia as well as in every corner of the world.

Most cordially comradely greetings,

Vojtěch Filip
Chairman of KSCM’s CC

Prague, September 16, 2013

Brazilian Communist Party (PCB)

Dear Comrades of the Communist Party of Australia

Please accept from the militants and from the Central Committee of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) a fraternal, internationalist and revolutionary salute for the celebration of your 12th Congress in Sydney, this October. We expect that this event will have a great success in facing the challenges of class struggle in a moment of serious international tension and hardships hitting Australian workers and those all over the world.

Capitalism is presently undergoing a global systemic crisis and its managers are for six years looking for an escape. They try by all means to place the burden of this crisis on the shoulders of workers by cutting wages, rights and benefits that were conquests of past struggles.

Hence we know that a Congress of Communists is a special moment to draw alternatives, formulate political lines and strategies of combat to Capital. We wish, from Brazil, that the Congress be valuable for your struggle for socialism in Australia.

Ivan Pinheiro – General Secretary of PCB
Edmilson Costa – International Relations Secretary of PCB

Rio de Janeiro, September 18, 2013

Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)

Dear comrades of Communist Party of Australia,

With our warmest hug we congratulate you by your 12th National Congress, especially due to the delicate internacional moment which the world is facing. The current capitalist crisis is leading the world into a very difficult moment. Peoples of the countries that are plunged into the crisis are paying the costs of the financial packets to save banks and the financial system. The working class is carrying these costs at the same time that they are losing historical conquested rights.

The imperialism is menacing countries in the Middle East and is using its machine of destruction, NATO, to impose pain to peoples. It is very important be in solidarity with the peoples of these threatened nations. It’s not acceptable that the imperialism uses pretexts of human rights in order to hide their aggressive objectives.


The Communist Party of Brazil once again greats you for this important moment of reflexion in your Congress. We believe that Communist Party of Australia will accumulate theorical and political decisions that will advance in the force accumulation of working class.

Fraternal Greetings,

Ricardo Alemão Abreu
Secretary of Internacional Relations of
Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)

São Paulo, October 7 , 2013

Communist Party of Britain

Message of international greetings to the 12th Congress of the Communist Party Of Australia

The Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Britain sends its warmest international greetings and solidarity to the Communist Party of Australia on the occasion of its 12th Congress.

Australian Communists play a critical role in your country’s organized working class movement and more broadly in Australia’s movements for peace, against imperialism and to defend the social gains of working people over the past century.

Current threats to peace require effective responses from Communists everywhere. Imperialism’s war plans in the Middle East have been temporarily thwarted. But they remain active and will require the utmost vigilance. Over a longer time period the Pacific region will assume a central importance. Stronger ties with our Australian comrades are therefore vital.

Today Australian and British Communists are fighting common enemies. We both face neo-liberal policies administered by right-wing governments at the service of finance capital – and to some extent the same consortiums of banks and corporations. Trade union rights and civil liberties in both countries are under immediate threat. Only Communists can provide a clear understanding of Marxism, of Leninism and of the steps required to pose an alternative path that leads to socialism.

Dear Comrades, please accept our best wishes for the success of your Congress. Your progress in strengthening the work of the Communist Party of Australia is of key importance for Communists everywhere.

With solidarity and international greetings

Robert Griffiths
General Secretary

London, September 14, 2013

New Communist Party of Britain (NCPB)

Dear comrades,

The New Communist Party of Britain sends its warmest fraternal greetings to our Australian friends and comrades gathering in Sydney in October to take part in the 12th Congress of your Party. We closely follow the struggles of the Australian workers in the pages of your paper, the Guardian, whose reports often appear in our own New Worker.

The British and Australian working class share a history and tradition that goes back to the early days of industrial revolution and colonial oppression and though thousands of miles divide us we are united through the common ideology of Marxism-Leninism and the struggle for peace and socialism.

The heady days that followed the Great October Russian Revolution inspired revolutionary socialists to build the communist movement in Britain and Australia – the movement which both our parties, born from the struggle against modern revisionism, can rightly claim descent.

Proletarian internationalism unites us with the people’s democracies and the struggling peoples on the front-line in the battle against world imperialism. The ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin are eternal. The experience of the Bolsheviks and that of millions of communists who have gone before us helps us chart the future with confidence.

Wherever there is oppression there is always resistance. We see it today in Afghanistan and Palestine. We see it in Syria, where the people have closed ranks around their popular front government in the face an imperialist inspired revolt by the most reactionary and brutal elements in the Middle East and we see it amongst all the people fighting world imperialism.

We also see the great work being done in the socialist countries today ... in People’s China, Cuba, Democratic Korea, Laos and Vietnam and the struggle of the peoples of Venezuela and the rest of Latin America to build their own independent republics based on social justice and socialist orientation.

We are in the middle of the biggest slump since the Second World War. Now more than ever millions upon millions of working people are realising that capitalism cannot solve the problems of humanity. Only socialism can resolve the ecological and political crisis of our times.

In recent years your Party has restored and upheld the militant traditions of the Australian labour movement now facing another onslaught from a newly elected government of oppressors and exploiters.

Our Party sends its warmest greetings to our comrades in the forefront of the struggles in the unions, the factories, offices and the housing estates all over Australia. You are charting the course for a better tomorrow that will certainly come and like you we are certain that the 21st century will be the century of socialism.

All the best,

Andy Brooks
General Secretary
New Communist Party of Britain


Communist Party of Chile

The Communist Party of Chile greets the XII Congress of the Communist Party of Australia, wishing members success in the debates and in the development of their organisation to serve the interests of the working class, the intellectuals and the people of Australia.

The Communist Party of Australia represents a strong part of the international fight to advance to society with a view to achieving socialism and to defend the planet from the depredations of capitalism. Similarly, the trajectory of your party has been, throughout its history, an important mainstay in the defence of peace, which is constantly under attack by imperialism.

In Latin America, several countries have achieved progress in their struggle for national independence and development for the benefit of their peoples. Some, like Cuba, are upholders of their people’s dignity despite the brutal and permanent aggression maintained for over half a century. Others have started an independent process that has socialism as its aim, such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. These countries are seeking development in a manner that confronts the dominance of the empire. Across our continent there is a mobilisation of workers, in which we Chilean Communists participate, which rejects the exploitation of neo-liberalism.

We ask the militants of the Party to convey our fraternal greetings to this crucial XII Congress from the Communists in Chile.

Communist Party Of Chile

Santiago de Chile, September 30, 2013

Communist Party of China

On the convening of the 12th National Congress of Communist Party of Australia, we would like to convey our heartfelt congratulations to you and wish the Congress a great success.

Last November the Communist Party of China (CPC) held the 18th National Congress and laid out the blueprint for China’s development over the next decade. We plan to double 2010 GDP and per capita income for both urban and rural residents by 2020. By 2021 when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of CPC, we should complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. By 2049 when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of PRC, we should make China a modem socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious.

The CPC has also called for realizing the “Chinese Dream”. It implies delivering prosperity for the country, invigoration for the nation and happiness for the people. China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development and be committed to promoting open, win-win cooperation with other countries, benefiting the Chinese people as well as the people all over the world.

The CPA represents the interest of the working people in Australian and has been making unremitting efforts in protecting their rights. We cherish the friendship between our two parties and hope to keep in contact with your party. Let’s work together to contribute to the friendship between the Chinese and Australian people as well as to the peace, stability and development of the world.

International Department Central
Committee Communist Party of China

Beijing, September 25, 2013

Communist Party of Cuba

Esteemed Comrades

The Communist Party of Cuba conveys fraternal greetings to the leaders and members of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) on the occasion of its 12 Congress.

We are convinced that the CPA, with its willingness to overcome, will continue defending the noble and just causes of its people and all those in the world who are struggling for a better future.

We are grateful for the expressions of solidarity that you have always shown towards our Revolution and the support you give us in letting the people know about our Five Heroes unjustly incarcerated in US jails.

We wish you success in the holding of the Congress and in the future tasks that you set for yourself, while reiterating our commitment to further strengthen the links of friendship that bind our two Parties.

Department of International Relations
Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Havana, September 25, 2013


The Central Committee of AKEL expresses its warm solidarity greetings to the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia.

The Congress of your Party is convened in the framework of difficult conditions for the working class and the peoples of the world. Humanity is witnessing during the last years a global economic crisis that constitutes the clearest indication of the failure of the capitalist system and the neo-liberal policies that have intensified this crisis. The international imperialism and the neoliberal strategies of the ruling classes in the most developed capitalist countries conduct a great attack against the rights of the working people.

In view of these great challenges, the struggle of the Communist and Workers’ Parties around the world must be united and intensified against capitalism and imperialism.

Cyprus is also a country that has been a victim of imperialism throughout the years. The solidarity and support expressed by the international Communist Movement to the struggle of AKEL and Cyprus for the reunification and ending the 39 years old occupation of the island are always important to us.

Although Cyprus and Australia are situated very far, we believe that the enhancement of the bilateral relations between our two Parties will benefit both of us. We declare our willingness to work towards this direction in the framework of our common goals and ideology.

Eventually, we would like to express our solidarity towards your struggles for safeguarding the rights of the working class in Australia and your struggles for democracy, equality and social progress. We wish that your current Congress will lead to a constructive outcome towards future victories for your Party and the working class of Australia. We wish you all the best for the future struggles.

Comradely regards,

The Central Committee of AKEL

October 3, 2013

Communist Party in Denmark (KPiD)

Dear comrades in the Communist Party of Australia

Communist Party in Denmark, KPiD, salutes your party and all party members on the occasion of your 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia.

The present situation, where capitalism has shown its inability to govern and to secure world peace, has proven the importance of strong and firm communist parties all over the World.

We wish you a very fruitful congress under your banner: Active and United for a Socialist Australia.

Capitalism is the problem - socialism is the solution!

With the most fraternal greetings,

CC of Communist Party in Denmark, KPiD
Bo Moeller, international secretaty

Denmark, September 27, 2013

Arabundo Marti National Liberation Front – El Salvador, Central America (FMLN)

Comrades of The Communist Party of Australia,

The FMLN which is the party of the Popular Majorities in El Salvador, sends a very cordial, warm and revolutionary greeting to the members of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) on its 12th Congress. The FMLN also sends its best wishes that from this congress you arrive to the best conclusions and decisions in order to continue defending the Working Class, especially now that the liberal right has recovered strength in Australia.

El Salvador is going through a very important stage with the Government led by President Mauricio Funes and a coalition of forces in which the FMLN is part of. This coalition has put the resource of the state to benefit the popular sectors with a special historic investment in education, health and support to the families of small farmers and small businesses within the context of an independent and sovereign political exterior which seeks to re-establish the accomplishment and the permanent struggle objectives which are democracy and justice for the whole of society, particularly for those who have been traditionally excluded and marginalised.

Within that context we have achieved important achievements in education, health, economic growth and human development, which is reflected in the the economic recovery that was in a negative three per cent (-3%) when power was taken in 2009.

We know that The CPA and the Australian working class are facing great challenges with the conservative right in power again, and, for this reason, social forces and political knowledge is required to keep defending all the rights, lives and well-being of the working class.

We wish with all our heart that the popular struggle strengthens so that the CPA takes on and carries out its revolutionary role, promoting the impulse to transform Australia in a country that supports democratization within and outside its borders, contributing to the construction of a just, democratic world of solidarity that opens its way to a better future for humanity.

Once again we reiterate our commitment to struggle together for a better world for the working class.

Nidia Diaz - Political Commission Member, International Relations Secretariat
Damian Alegria - Responsible for Oceania, International Relations Secretariat

San Savador, October 4, 2013

Communist Party of Finland


We, Australia and Finland as countries find ourselves in the extreme positions - on the other side of the globe. Besides the far distances we find ourselves close to each other in a situation, which in many ways is special and unites our struggles. Ahead of us, there are major challenges and far-reaching choices.

Communist Party of Finland wishes to send greetings to the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia. In these cold times we have to strengthen radical left opposition against capitalism. Capital is exploiting both nature and people. Current financial crisis shows the real face of the system.

Today Finland has an exceptionally broad-based government, which demolishes the Nordic welfare model, subjects Finland to the EU-fiscal compact and financial markets and which has abandoned military nonalignment. Finland also has a lot of discontent with the government of Katainen, but lacks a strong left-wing alternative. The European Union is in the deepest crisis of its history. Public spending cuts driven by the Euro elite only exacerbate the crisis. An unprecedented mass movement has risen up against this. The question of an alternative to the European Union is more topical than ever.

Comrades, it is not only a question of wrong politics, but the problems arise from the contradictions of capitalism. This unites our parties in the class oriented every day struggle besides the geographical distance. Speculative money has replaced the real economy and the people’s needs. Resources are being wasted in wars and military build-up, while they would be needed to fight poverty, unemployment and environmental disasters. All of this raises the question of a different development and of an alternative to capitalism.

Communist Party of Finland wishes to support your struggle in Australia. We consider your struggle to be ours too. We comradely wish you luck in strengthening your party and building radical left alternative to oppose the right-wing politics, austerity and capitalism. We find ourselves firmly standing together in the international front of parties and organizations opposing war over Syria.

Long live Proletarian Unity!
Long live fight against oppression!
Long live Peace and Solidarity!

JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen - Chaiman
Heikki Ketoharju - Secretary General
Communist Party of Finland

Helsinki, Finland, September 30, 2013

DKP (German Communist Party)

Dear Comrades,

Your 12th Congress takes place in a time in which the conditions of struggle for the progressive forces have deteriorated on your continent again. Reactionary political forces dominate the parliament. The electoral victory of the reactionary coalition under the new Prime Minister Abbott in early September means even more rigid enforcement of a reactionary agenda of economic and social deterioration of the broad masses. A policy of sustainability, which opposes the destruction of the environment, must be fought for.

The rights of asylum seekers must be defended. Australia should no longer be part of the aggressive imperialist strategy of encirclement against the People’s Republic of China. To combat this challenges requires the cooperation of all left and progressive forces. We are convinced that your Congress will give direction to intensify this cooperation and to collect these forces against the reactionary offensive.
 With revolutionary, communist greetings.

Manfred Idler Member of the International Commission
Günter Pohl Secretary of international Relationship

Essen, September 25, 2013

Communist Party of Greece (KKE)

Dear comrades,

We express warm comradely greetings to you on behalf of the Greek communists and our best wishes for the success of the 12th Congress of your party which will be conducted with the slogan “Active and United for a Socialist Australia”.

Our parties are connected through long-term and strong bonds of solidarity. We met together in the common struggle for the defense of the communist identity, the historical contribution of socialism and the socialist perspective, especially after the counterrevolution in the USSR and the other socialist countries in Europe. The CPA made a substantial contribution to the beginning and establishment of the International Meetings of the Communist and Workers’ Parties, which had a positive impact on the intervention, development of the coordination and joint activity of the communist movement.

We particularly appreciate the class solidarity and decisive support the CPA has displayed for the struggles of Greek and other immigrant workers in your country from the first years of the last century up until and including the present day. Taking all this into account, the Greek communists are following your Congress with interest.

Dear comrades,

Your Congress is being held in a particularly crucial period. The symptoms of the capitalist crisis are not receding but are actually expanding. The contradictions in the EU are deepening and its reactionary character is becoming even more intense. The competition is sharpening in our region, the axes and alliances are continually realigning with the involvement both of the current leading imperialist powers and also emerging ones as well. The danger of generalized conflicts is increasing, even of the outbreak of a general imperialist war in the wider region with the direct involvement of our country as well. The developments in Syria and in the wider region confirm our analyses and the relationship between the capitalist crisis and the imperialist war.

What is required today is the special preparation of the labour and people’s movement in the face of the imperialist war, an escalation of the struggles with goals that are against the monopolies and capitalism. The intensification of the ideological confrontation so that popular masses are not trapped under the flag of one or the other imperialist pole, so that the impact of bourgeois “patriotic”, petty bourgeois nationalist, fascist and also opportunist political currents, which emerge in the conditions of the crisis, can be dealt with.

We updated the programme and statutes of our party at the 19th Congress that was held in April, taking into account these developments, incorporating the elaborations made by our party through its study of socialist construction in the USSR, its history and the significant experience from the class struggles in Greece. We define the role of the party in revolutionary and non-revolutionary conditions.

Our party is struggling inside difficult conditions as the crisis is deepening in the country and broad popular strata are being driven to despair. At the same time the processes for the reformation of the political system are accelerating. A basic component of the plans of the bourgeois class is the planned attack against the KKE, the limiting of its activity, the impeding of its relations and bonds with the working class and popular strata. An attack, that is carried out using both the “vehicle” of the so-called “left government”, through which they are calling on us to save and humanize capitalism, and also the anti-communism of the EU and the bourgeois forces, the theory of the two extremes that is used by the ND-PASOK government. They also utilize the openly criminal activity of the fascist Golden Dawn, which targets the KKE and the labour-people’s movement.

The KKE refuses to support any of the various bourgeois management formulas for the perpetuation of capitalism. Our party supports the struggle of the worker, every working person, and fights for the regroupment of the labour movement and the promotion of the People’s Alliance that expresses the interests of the working class, the semi-proletarians, the urban and rural self-employed in order to win power from the monopolies and to socialize the concentrated means of production.

Dear comrades,

The outbreak of the general and synchronized capitalist economic crisis demonstrates the dangerous character of the political line of the liberal and social-democratic parties, it demonstrates the impasses of the system and brings the necessity of socialism to the forefront in an intense way, as well as the timeliness of the struggle for socialism, the need to regroup the international communist movement and to overcome the crisis which it continues to experience, to deal with the corrosive impact of the strong opportunist current and to overcome the weaknesses of the CPs that struggle on the basis of Marxism-Leninism.

Our party will continue to devote its forces to the formation of the communist pole, as well as to the continuation of the International Meetings of Communist and Workers’ Parties and the safeguarding of their character as well as the forms of regional cooperation, such as the “Initiative of communist and workers’ parties in order to study and elaborate European issues and to coordinate their activity”, which was formed on the 1st of October, at the initiative of the KKE, and with the participation of 30 communist and workers’ parties of Europe.

With these thoughts we wish you every success in the work of your congress and we commit ourselves to the continuing development of the comradely relations of our parties.

International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE

Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity

The Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity would like to send greetings to the 12th Congress of The Communist Party of Australia which will take place from the 4th to the 7th of October this year.

At present the world is facing new phenomena and threats from the capitalist empire. Threats such as the spying scandals at a global dimension which have been evidenced in the last months. The particular threat from the shameless and war seeking North American administratation politics towards Syria and other countries of the world. We feel that this is the appropriate moment to manifest, once more, the enormous trascending importance that the struggles and joint efforts of the left forces in our planet have in order to find a new world political, social and economic order in favour of peace, justice and Socialism.

We thank the permanent internationalist solidarity from the Communist Party of Australia as well as the invitation and participation of our Comrade Ovidio Orellana who also represents us in Australia. We take this opportunity to wish all the delegates success in all the deliberations in this 12th Congress and all your future work.

Fraternal Greetings, International Relations Secretariat National Executive Committee Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity – URNG

People’s Progressive Party of Guyana

The People’s Progressive Party of Guyana extends warm and fraternal greetings to the National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia on the occasion of its 12th National Congress which will be held in Sydney during the period October 4-7, 2013.

The theme of your Congress, “Active and United for a Socialist Australia” is most relevant especially given the global economic and financial crisis that has created havoc on the lives of working people not only in Australia but throughout the capitalist world.

Your Congress is taking place at a time when the working people are confronted with numerous challenges including growing unemployment, under-employment, cuts in social services and reduced benefits all of which conspired to add to the burdens of an already depressed segment of the population. The gap in living standard between the rich and the poor continue to widen which is a direct consequence of capitalism and its market-driven ethos.

The PPP wishes your Congress every success as you seek to enhance the Party’s capacity to meet the challenges ahead. We remain confident that this your 12th Congress will serve as an impetus to strengthen your resolve to struggle for a just and equitable society.

We take this opportunity to join with you in expressing our solidarity with the Syrian people who are experiencing a difficult moment in their political, economic and social life.

Clement Rohee
General Secretary
People’s Progressive Party

September 9, 2013

Tudeh Party of Iran

Dear Comrades,

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran would like to convey its fraternal greetings to the leaders, members and supporters of the Communist Party of Australia on the occasion of its 12th Congress.

We wish your Congress every success in formulating the policies of your fraternal party for the advancement of the struggle of the working class in Australia for peace, prosperity, democracy and socialism.

We would like to take this opportunity to state that we are proud of the deep fraternal and internationalist relations between our two parties which have been developed during years of struggles of our peoples for peace and progress.

Dear Comrades,

Your congress is taking place at a time when the world is gripped in a complex systemic crisis of global capitalism. Six years on from the onset of the economic and monetary crisis of capitalism, the economies of major capitalist countries still show no sign of recovery. The European Union is facing the most acute crisis in its existence due to the near collapse of neoliberal economic models operating in Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal. The neoliberal austerity policies have grinded the economies of a number of EU countries to a halt and have plunged them into long term recession and political crisis. Capitalism has tried to burden the working class and poor across the world with the consequences of their irresponsible neo-liberal economic and monetary policies.

We are aware of the difficult conditions in which the Communist Party of Australia works to educate, agitate and mobilise the working class for a noble struggle for peace and socialism based on the basis of our liberating Marxist Leninist ideology. We salute your courageous and persistent activities to advance the fight against the policies and plans of the Australian capitalist forces and the world led imperialism.

Dear Comrades

The working class and poor across the world have increasingly become aware that capitalism cannot offer a solution to the current recession and economic and monetary melt-down. Working people are openly questioning the logic of the capitalist model. At the same time, the inter-imperialist contradictions have sharpened and the race for control of markets and resource-rich areas of the world, as well as the control of natural resources and energy routes, has intensified. This has led to unprecedented wars and military confrontations. One of the main theatres of these wars is the Middle East.

Imperialism has tried to ensure that all developments in the Middle East take place within the context of preserving its hegemony over the huge resources and markets of this strategically important region. The policies and tactics of the US and its allies take different forms but their objectives are the same. The naked aggression of imperialist forces and their reactionary allies in the Middle East was demonstrated in Bahrain, Libya, and the tragic events in Syria.

In relation to Iran they have tried to coerce the theocratic regime to behave in a manner compatible with the US strategic interests. The devastating economic sanctions has already destabilized the economy and resulted in mass unemployment and poverty. The US and the EU are now pressing the regime to accept to operate within the context of their plan for a “New Middle East”. People in Iran are demanding and campaigning for peace, democracy, human rights and social justice. They exploit every crack and space within the ranks and structures of the regime to advance their demands for peace and progress. However, the regime has proven itself incapable of accommodating any serious, fundamental or sustainable social, economic or political reform. In fact the regime is busy trying to portray itself as an effective force to guarantee security and stability for imperialism interest in the Middle East and West Asia.

Dear Comrades,

We are convinced that despite present difficult conditions, the progressive forces internationally will succeed to defeat the forces of war and exploitation and carry forward the flag of the struggle for world peace and social progress. We believe, as millions of people around the world cry, that “another world is possible” - a world of peace and socialism.

We further believe that the Left progressive forces around the world have to become the front against imperialism and war for safeguarding the working rights, peace and freedom across the globe. We have to unite our forces in the struggle against the unjust, aggressive, imperialist attacks and strengthen our solidarity activities with all peoples and movements struggling for peace, democracy and social progress.

Accept once more our wishes on the occasion of your 12th Congress. We once more wish for fruitful and successful deliberations during your 12th Congress and wish it every success in formulating the strategic plans of Australasian Communists.

Dear Comrades,

We salute you in your struggle for Peace, progress and Social progress. May victory be yours!

Long live fraternal relations between CP Australia and Tudeh Party of Iran!
Long live International Solidarity!
Long live Socialism!

The Central Committee of the
Tudeh Party of Iran

September 17, 2013

Iraqi Communist Party

Dear Comrades,

We convey our warmest greetings to the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia, wishing all the delegates every success in their deliberations. We also seize this opportunity to express our gratitude for your party’s internationalist solidarity with Iraqi Communists, democrats and people.

Your National Congress, which is held under the slogan “Active and United for a Socialist Australia”, is taking place in a climate of deepening financial and economic crisis of capitalism, and a vicious onslaught by the ruling classes, posing enormous challenges to the workers and people in Australia and all over the world.

We are confident that your Congress will contribute to strengthening your fraternal party as well as developing effective opposition to the attack on the social gains achieved by the labour movement and people of Australia. The united action of progressive forces in Australia and internationally will contribute to the fight against neo-liberalism and imperialist schemes and wars, as well as promoting socialist ideas and goals. This is closely interconnected with strengthening international solidarity against the warmongering policies of imperialism, and the need to provide genuine support for ongoing struggles all over the world for peace, freedom, democracy and social progress.

Dear Comrades,

No country in the Middle East has been immune to the impact of the storms of change that have swept the region since early 2011, although each country has had its own particulars and details. This broad movement for change has demonstrated once again that the big, radical and fundamental events and transformations are made by peoples with their own free will, when they become aware of their interests. People were, and shall remain, the makers of history.

There is no doubt also that the popular mass action and uprisings were not in isolation from the crises caused by the policies of economic “openness” and neo-liberalism, and the running of the economy according to the recipes of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which have produced the phenomena of polarization of wealth, the marginalization of millions of people, the spread of unemployment and deteriorating living conditions.

The mass popular uprisings and movements in the region have undoubtedly achieved successes and have overthrown regimes that had seemed well entrenched. It is now certain that the situation will not return to what it was before January 2011. But there is still a long path ahead for the popular masses that have risen up. It is a difficult path, full of struggles between those who want to usurp, parasitically, the fruits of the people’s struggle, and those who want to lead the mass popular movement to its victorious end, and achieve the alternative desired by the people: democratic civil regimes in which the people enjoy social justice. This is clearly borne out by the recent uprising of the Egyptian people against the rule of the reactionary Muslim Brotherhood.

As pointed out in discussions and joint positions adopted by fraternal parties in the Middle East during the past two years, utmost vigilance is required towards the schemes of imperialist, Zionist and reactionary quarters which aim to sabotage the revolutionary upsurge of Arab peoples. It is of utmost importance to reject and resist all the efforts by US imperialism and its allies, through NATO or other means, to ignite wars and military interventions in order to achieve their objectives to dominate the region and subjugate its peoples.

It is therefore essential to activate the role of the Left in the social movement, and to develop a critical political vision towards the existing regimes in the area. The principal objective of the program for change adopted by the Left should be the establishment of a national democratic regime with a socialist orientation that would constitute an alternative to subservient and dependent regimes. In this context, the Left should strive to mobilize the workers, peasants and progressive intellectuals and other social strata in a mass movement to achieve real democratic change. The main tasks of this movement include struggle for the closely interconnected aspects of democracy: political democracy and social democracy. Achieving democracy and building a state of law, and institutions based on the principles of citizenship, is the guarantee for averting sectarian divisions. In this respect, defending human rights, especially women’s rights, and fundamental democratic and trade union rights, is of great importance for the Left, as they are part and parcel of the big national issues.

Dear Comrades,

The ending of the American military presence in our country, at the end of 2011, was a victory for the will of the Iraqi people. It was an important step along the path of regaining full independence and national sovereignty. It came about as a result of a unified popular stance and national consensus. Our Communist Party had rejected all attempts to maintain foreign military presence on Iraqi territory, under any pretext or title. We also believe that one of the prerequisites for full sovereignty is to end Iraq’s subjugation to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, and to stand firmly against the covetous designs of some of the neighboring countries that are exploiting Iraq’s difficult situation and chaos.

Iraq has been engulfed in a deep political crisis that has continued since the parliamentary elections in March 2010. Its roots lie in the sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system that has existed since 2003. The crisis has opened up the door for increased interference by external forces, especially the US and regional forces. It has also exposed the agenda of the ruling political forces and their fighting to maintain positions in political power and privileges, while the people’s suffering and anger intensify as a result of the rampant unemployment, corruption, poor public services, health and education, in addition to the deteriorating security situation.

Our party has supported the mass popular protest movements that called for radical reform and were characterized by active participation of youth. These movements exposed the anti-democratic policies of the rulers and the bankruptcy of sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system. They also demanded firm measures against the scourge corruption. Our party strongly condemned government interference in the affairs of workers’ unions, professional associations and civil society organisations. Thousands of workers participated in free trade union elections in September and October 2012, despite the provocations and threats by influential ruling groups that attempted to falsify the will of workers and impose their hegemony over the unions. These elections were culminated by holding a national conference of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers on 6th November 2012.

More recently, our country has witnessed a new episode of the political crisis, posing a grave danger that threatens civil peace and Iraq’s national fabric. Our Party has called upon the government to respond, in a speedy and serious manner, to the just and legitimate demands of the people, and warned against resorting to violence against peaceful demonstrations. The Party has also warned in recent days against the danger of the country sliding once again into sectarian strife, and has called for urgent action by the democratic forces and for popular initiatives to safeguard Iraq’s national unity.

Dear Comrades,

Our party, which represents the main force of the Left in Iraq, has exerted relentless efforts to achieve unity in action of the democratic forces. It has played a leading role in setting up the Democratic Current, which was launched in Baghdad in October 2011. The party is striving to transform it into an effective principal force in the ongoing intensified struggle over the future of Iraq. This vision requires greater efforts to involve the trade union movement and democratic organizations, especially those of women, youth, students and other civil society organizations, in mass struggles to defend human and democratic rights of workers and people.

The party, along with the Democratic Current, was actively involved in recent months in setting up broad democratic civil electoral coalitions in Baghdad and other provinces which contested the provincial elections that took place on 20th April 2013. These coalitions have won 10 seats in 8 provinces. This modest but politically significant success provides a good basis for developing a broad democratic civil coalition to contest the forthcoming parliamentary elections in 2014.

We believe that overcoming the crisis of the sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system in Iraq can only be achieved by changing the political balance of forces in society, in favour of the supporters of a national democratic plan that calls for establishing a democratic civil state on the basis of the principle of citizenship, freedoms and social justice.

Dear Comrades,

We look forward to strengthening and developing the warm internationalist ties between our party and the Communist Party of Australia, in the joint struggle for freedom, democracy, social progress, and socialism.

With our best wishes for a successful 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia

With warmest comradely greetings,

Central Committee
Iraqi Communist Party

October 3, 2013

Iraqi Democratic Stream

Dear comrades,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our support, solidarity and greetings to the 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia.

The Iraqi Democratic Stream is a movement that includes political parties (Left and liberal), Independent figures and activists of civil society organizations. Its program calls for the establishment of a broad coalition of democratic and progressive forces to build a democratic civil state based on law and institutions, respect of human and democratic rights and social justice.

Finally We are looking forward to strengthening and developing our relationship with the Communist Party of Australia to defend human and democratic rights of our people in Iraq and working class people of Australia.

Best wished for a successful 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia.

The Iraqi Democratic Stream

October 4, 2013

Israeli Communist Forum

Dear Comrades,

The Central Committee of the Israeli Communist Forum, on behalf of all its members, Jews and Arabs, send to you our heartiest fraternal greetings, wishing you a successful Congress.

Dear Comrades,

As part of the consequent peace forces in Israel we are struggling against the reactionary government policy of military occupation of Palestine and the brutal and inhuman colonialist oppression and “Transfer” schemes of ethnic cleansing of Greater Israel from the Palestinian population.

We struggle for just and lasting peace, which will be achievable solely by Israel’s withdrawal from all the Arab territories conquered since June 1967, and establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside of Israel.

The ICF is struggling against the disastrous ant-social economic government policy, led in the interest of the big foreign and domestic capital, causing a shockingly growing impoverishment of wide strata amongst the Arab and Jewish working masses.

We struggle against the new war threats against Iran, which are repeated again and again by PM Benjamin Netanyahu, even when leaders of Iran express more clearly than ever their readiness to solve peacefully all burning issues, and got positive reactions from all over the world, except the leaders of Israel and the extreme right in US.

Taking to account the new onslaught of US and all world Imperialism on the peoples in our region, and especially the attempt to open a new Imperialist war, this time against Syria; we consider more than ever the necessity of close cooperation among all anti-imperialist forces, and foremost of the communist parties and organizations.

Again, Dear Comrades, we send you our heartiest wishes for a successful Congress, and for useful realization of its resolutions.

Fraternally Yours

The Israeli Communist Forum
Central Committee

October 4, 2013

Latin America Social Forum (Sydney)

The Latin America Social Forum (Sydney) sends our warmest greetings to the 12th national congress of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA), to be held in Sydney on October 4-7, 2013

We wish you all the best in your deliberations, debates and final resolutions, convinced that they will be successful and carried out with the democratic participation of comrades committed to the revolutionary struggle of the working class, the motor force of socialist-communist change in Australia and the world. We believe that the unity and organisation of the working class, students, academics, farmers, and aboriginal peoples is essential to putting an end to the capitalist system, responsible for the deaths of millions of humans and of the environment.

The communist and working class movement will never be halted on its path to power.

Until victory always! (Ernesto Che Guevara).

Workers of the world, unite! (Karl Marx).

In solidarity

Foro Social Latinoamericano

Sydney, October 3, 2013

Lebanese Communist Party (LCP)

Dear Comrades,

The Central Committee of the Lebanese Communist Party (LCP) presents its greetings to the 12th national congress of the Communist Party of Australia, and also to all of you for your party struggling for workers and other exploited people rights, for public services, for democracy and social progress, and especially for world peace.

The imperialistic aggressions toward the peoples of the world, in particularly in our region, is becoming more aggressive to get over its structural crises in the international capitalistic system. That is taking place through launching more wars to dominate and control the wealth and looting it and, at the same time, to implement the “New Middle East” project which aims to divide our region into small ethnic, religious and sectarian states fighting with each other. At the same time it aims to end the Palestinian cause and the rights of Palestinian people to return, have an independent state and its capital Jerusalem.

In this situation the imperialistic interference in Syria is getting more and more specially with imperialist threat of a military strike against Syria without UN resolution. The events in Syria started to take the form of civil war after the “oppositions” militarize the revolution, and political system started to think that the military solution is easy one. This civil war threats the destination of the people of Syria, and Syria by itself. So we as the LCP confirms the three NO’s that we have launched since the beginning of the crises in Syria. The three NO’s are: no for military solution, no for sectarianism and no for foreign interference.

The development of the events in Syria, in the regional and international fight, will affect Lebanon with its sectarian political system, which creates all the factors of defragmentation and wars, and its sovereignty is raped every day by the enemy, Israel, which still occupying part of the Lebanese lands.

Dear Comrades,

This situation imposes on us, as Communist parties, reactivating our common struggle to face these imperialistic projects, and also all the foreign interference in the internal affairs of our countries and confirming that the central cause is the democratization of our societies.

Dear Comrades,

We greet the solidarity of your struggle against the capitalist policies of the Australian Government.

We present to you and to your 12th Congress our deepest comradely greetings.

The Central Committee of the Lebanese Communist Party

Beirut, September 30, 2013

Palestinian Peoples Party (PPP)

Dear Comrades,

On the behalf of the central committee and the members of the Palestinian Party (PPP) we would like to convey to you and to the people of Australia our regards and best wishes to the works of the 12th national congress of your sister Party.

The 12th congress of the Communist Party of Australia is taking place in crucial moment where the global economic crisis, threats of wars especially in our region are putting challenges in front of the communist and workers parties and other progressive forces.

We are sure that your congress will discuss these issues with high responsibility and take decisions which will strengthen the common struggle for a better future.

We also hope that your congress will give a special attention to the struggle of the Palestinian People for freedom and independent state within the 1967 boarders with east Jerusalem as its capital, and afair solution to Palestinian the refugees problem according to UN resolutions.

We are looking forward to strengthen the frontal relations between our two Parties and wish you all the success.

The Central Committee
Palestinian Peoples Party

Jerusalem, September 16, 2013

Philippine Communist Party

Dear Comrade

The Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) sends warmest fraternal greetings to the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA), which will be held in Sydney on October 4 to 7, 2013. It is a pleasure for us to greet this new milestone in the history of the CPA, a fraternal party that we salute primarily for its consistent struggles against the presence of US military bases and forces in Australia, against Australian military involvement in US wars and interventionist operations, and for the preservation of world peace.

We hope that your 12th National Congress will help boost your party’s leadership in the struggles of the Australian working people against the power of monopoly capital which spawns exploitation and oppression, unemployment and poverty, racism and discrimination, ignorance and bigotry, the denial of rights and social services, and environmental destruction.

We note that the main slogan of your 12th National Congress, “Active and United for a Socialist Australia”, reflects your party’s resolve to build a broad and strong anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist and democratic people’s movement, led by the working class, for radical socio-economic changes towards a socialist Australia.

The PKP-1930 wishes every success to the 12TH National Congress of the CPA, and to all the CPA activities in the future that this Congress of yours will chart. Finally, we further wish the development of closer fraternal relations between our two parties.

With communist greetings,

Antonio E. Paris
General Secretary

September 30, 2013

Portuguese Communist Party

Dear Comrades,

The Portuguese Communist Party greets the delegates to the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia and, through them, all Australian Communists and workers. We hope that your Congress may strengthen the CPA and its links with the workers and people of your country.

Capitalism’s profound crisis continues to characterize the world today. With the pretext of the crisis, big capital has unleashed a ferocious offensive against the rights and living standards of the workers and the peoples. They seek to recoup all the achievements that the working class and peoples’ struggle had imposed upon them, especially through the great revolutions of the 20th century. Imperialism’s brutal and violent nature is also revealed by the policies of war and aggression and in the offensive against national sovereignty and independence. War has always been a hallmark of imperialism, but the profound change in the world balance of forces at the end of the 20th century revealed all the brutality of which this system of exploitation and plunder is capable. Today, the Middle East is an enormous theater of war. The fact that the direct aggression against Syria did not materialize in the past few weeks bears witness to the opposition to war-mongering, even in the core countries of imperialism. But the dangers of an aggression against Syria and other countries have not disappeared and the struggle for peace remains a major duty of Communists and other progressive and anti-imperialist forces.

The European peoples are also victims of this offensive. The Portuguese people face a brutal assault, spear-headed by the European Union, which today clearly reveals its nature as an imperialist pole at the service of big capital in the major European powers. The policies of the European Union and the IMF, which are supported by the ruling classes in each country, have an unmistakable class nature: brutal cuts in rights, wages, pensions, social security, education and health-care for the peoples, but subsidies and handouts for big finance capital. It is a policy that seeks a way out from capitalism’s profound crisis by brutally heightening exploitation, and which is making the Portuguese people’s living standards go back many decades. The Portuguese workers have responded with their struggle, with general and sectoral strikes and numerous demonstrations and other struggles, organized by its large class trade union central, CGTP-IN. Other strata of our people, who have been profoundly hit in their rights and interests, are joining the struggle in diversified ways. The PCP is actively committed to mobilizing this resistance and the struggle of the workers and people. Our Party’s 19th Congress, held at the end of 2012, revealed a party that is united, growing and geared towards action. The local elections government of September 29, 2013, have confirmed the growth of our Party – inserted into the Unitarian Democratic Coalition (CDU), electoral alliance between the PCP and the Party “The Greens” – also on an electoral level, with an important surge in our positions. We do not underestimate the difficulties that lie ahead. But we are confident that with its unity and struggle, our people will be capable of changing the balance of forces and contributing for an alternative government and for a patriotic and left-wing policy, that opens the way for an Advanced Democracy that is, in turn, an integral and inseparable part of the struggle for socialism in Portugal.

In order to confront imperialism’s brutal offensive, it is indispensable to strengthen the struggle of the workers and the peoples of the world, seeking the broadest possible unity of all progressive and anti-imperialist forces. Communists have an irreplaceable role to play in the organization of this struggle and in achieving this unity. The strengthening of our movement and its unity, which we hope will be achieved in the forthcoming 15th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, that will be held this November, in Lisbon, is a central task of all Communists. We renew our wishes of success for the 12th National Congress of the CPA and for your Party’s struggle in favour of the Australian workers’ and people’s interests.

The Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party

September 30, 2013

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Dear comrades,

Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is sending you, the delegates of the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia, all members of the Party and your associates its most sincere greetings and wishes to accomplish your work successfully. Communists of Australia have always served the cause of the working class. You are in the first ranks of all those who fight for true democracy against exploitation, unemployment and violation of human rights.

Unity of actions of communists of the world is extremely necessary nowadays when we face new challenges and that require coordinated actions and solidarity.

We would like to declare our readiness together with you and with all communists throughout the world to struggle for our common ideals, for socialism.

Fraternal greetings

Presidium of the Central Committee of the
Communist party of the Russian Federation

Moscow, September 30, 2013

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)

Dear Comrades!

The Communist Party of Australia holds its 12th National Congress under the conditions of deepening capitalist crisis with serious consequences for the working class and all working people all around the world and also in your country.

The privatization of the public services and economic sectors which, such as telecommunications, were once state monopolies, the anti-labour, anti-people and anti-trade union measures promoted by the government, led to an erosion of social-democracy. Under the pretext of the crisis and the drop of prices in the international market for Australian mining and energy exports, the Conservative government that will probably follow the Labour government in the management of the crisis in the interests of the monopolies, will undoubtedly unleash new and tough blows against the living and working conditions of the working class of Australia.

The strengthening of the fraternal CPA is necessary to expose to the Australian working people the falsity of any of the capitalist proposals to manage the crisis and organize the working class for the only way out of the structural crisis of capitalism: the seizure of power by the working class and the construction of Socialism-Communism.

The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain salutes the 12th Congress of the Australian Communists with the knowledge that it will help the strenghtening of Party of the working class for leading the workers in their struggle for an Australia without capitalism, without exploitation of man by man, for a socialist Australia.

Long live the Australian working class!
Long live the Communist Party of Australia!
Long live proletarian internationalism!

With fraternal communist greetings,

Ástor García
Head of the International Area CC of the PCPE

Madrid, October 2, 2013

Communist Party Of The USA (CPUSA)

The Communist Party of the United States salutes comrades of the Communist Party of Australia as you prepare for your 12th General Congress in October. Our Party extends solidarity in your struggle, and ours, to help the working class remain faithful to its role as defender of humanity, which is under siege now by economic crises, widening poverty and hunger, environmental reverses, and imperialist wars. There is great urgency.

We of the CPUSA recognize that our two parties share similar challenges. The two well-resourced capitalist political parties alternating control over each of our two political processes are as one in excluding real alternatives. Racial justice is far from perfect in both countries, and basic fairness is missing in accommodating cross-border migrants. However, your party and other progressive forces in Australia have the special burden of proximity to US military and intelligence activities carried out on Australian soil as part of US encirclement of China. In this instance, we are your close ally.

And some of the difficulties the CPA must put up with are no strangers to us. We are both small parties in large countries where population centers are separated by extensive rural areas. And from acquaintance with the The Guardian: The Workers’ Weekly, your fine newspaper and website, we realize that the CPA too has limited financial resources and also must deal with ill-founded accusations of “reformist” tendencies. We note, however, that Australian Communists have sought and even occupied elected offices, led unions, organized consciousness-raising events throughout your large country, and kept the Guardian going. We salute you.

We of the CPUSA are confident that on completion of your national congress, comrades in Australia will be recharged to continue in our common fight for a better world, which we, like you, know is possible. That’s true now, more than ever, as millions of people laid low by poverty, hunger, and adverse climate change effects find themselves on the verge of engaging with global capitalism that for too long has had a free ride.

USA, September 11, 2013

Communist Party of Venezuela

Greetings to the XII Congress of the Communist Party of Australia CPA

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela we salute the delegates of the 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia, under the slogan “Active and United for a Socialist Australia”. We send our wishes for the success of the proposed objective of strengthening the class union, fighting for the rights of Aboriginal peoples, women, youth and immigrants.

Thanks to the invitation made by the Communist Party of Australia, the CPV realized two major political tours to Australia, the first in 2006 and the second from 9 to 23 of August of 2012, with Comrade Carolus Wimmer, member of the Polit Bureau of the Central Committee and Secretary of International Relations, and through it we could know the politics, the practices of fight and the alliances of the Communist Party of Australia PCA and we received valuable information from these experiences.

Our two parties are united by the fight against imperialism and capitalism and for Peace and Socialism.

The Communist Party of Australia always can count on the fraternal and militant solidarity of the CPV.

Long live the friendship between the Communist Parties of Australia and Venezuela!
Long live the Proletarian Internationalism!
¡Hasta la Victoria. Siempre!

With communist greetings

Oscar Figuera, Secretario General
Carolus Wimmer, Secretario de Relaciones Internacionales

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ)

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia express to you the most cordial revolutionary congratulations on the full success of the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia.

We highly appreciate that you have struggled against aggressive and dominative manoeuvres of imperialists to defend world peace and develop socialism.

We are confident the work of the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia will be successful in mapping a way forward through the very challenging times confronting the people of the world with threats mounting from a global capitalist economic crisis and increasingly reckless and aggressive US-led imperialism.

We are convinced that the friendly relation between us will be further developed supporting each other in the international arena under the ideal of independence against imperialism, peace and friendship.

Hoping great success in your works!
Long live working class internationalism!
Militant greetings!

Batric Mijovic,
General Secretary of NKPJ

September 12, 2013

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