The Guardian November 17, 1999

Death of Noureddin Kianouri
Statement of the CC of the Tudeh Party of Iran, November 6, 1999

Comrade Noureddin Kianouri died on Friday 5th of November 1999, at the 
age of 84, having suffered years of persecution, imprisonment and torture 
in the prisons of the Islamic Republic.

Comrade Kianouri was born in 1915 in the town of Nour in Mazandaraan, 
northern Iran. In 1942, as a young man, he entered the struggle against 
colonialism and exploitation and joined the ranks of the Tudeh Party of 

In 1945, he became a member of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party. 
During the events leading to the 1979 Revolution [when the repressive 
regime of the pro-USA Shah of Iran was overthrown by a mass uprising of the 
people], comrade Kianouri was elected first Secretary of the Central 
Committee and remained in that position until his arrest in February 1983.

Comrade Kianouri was among the first party leaders arrested in the wave of 
attacks by the regime. He was immediately subjected to the most brutal 

After months of constant and savage torture the regime finally paraded the 
broken and half paralysed body of comrade Kianouri in front of the 
television cameras to renege on the beliefs he had held for 50 years, 
"denying" the historic legitimacy of the Tudeh Party of Iran and 
"confessing" to uncommitted "crimes", evoking scenes of Galileo's trials 
and confession.

Rather than bringing under question the correctness of the Tudeh Party of 
Iran, this horrific act exposed the inhuman nature of the regime and its 
readiness to resort to the most brutal means to claim legitimacy for 

Fearful of the growing influence of the Tudeh Party of Iran among the 
working people, the regime planned the brutal suppression of the Tudeh 
Party and the ultimate defeat of the 1979 Revolution.

Despite the regime's torture of the imprisoned leaders of the Party, when 
comrade Kianouri met Ronaldo Galindo Pohl, the UN special envoy to Iran, he 
exposed the regime's heinous crimes in prison.

Galindo Pohl reported: "Three former members of the Tudeh Party are 
incarcerated in solitary confinement: Mr Kianouri, the former first 
Secretary, one top level cadre and a party member. Only Mr Kianouri agreed 
to have his name mentioned in the report.

"He strongly denied that he was a foreign agent and had attempted to 
overthrow the revolutionary government. He confirmed, in the presence of 
the prison staff and officials, that he had been tortured.

"He showed his half-paralysed arms and broken fingers and spoke of other 
means of torture. Mr Kianouri, the former first Secretary of the Tudeh 
Party, condemned the execution of thousands of young people, who he said 
were innocent." (Excerpt from the report of UN special envoy to Tehran  
March 1989)

This was the reason the Islamic Republican regime had him under constant 
surveillance, up to the last days of his life, even despite his old age and 
extreme poor health, lest the scale of its crimes in prison might be 
exposed further.

In recent years, the regime's Ministry of Information made futile attempts 
to re-package and represent its "show of confessions" by publishing a book 
entitled Kianouri's Memoirs and other articles and interviews. This 
effort was defeated both inside Iran and abroad by the alertness of the 
Party and its members.

Comrade Kianouri played a prominent role in the contemporary history of our 
country. He leaves dozens of articles, and papers of various political and 
organisational matters.

We express our condolences to comrade Kianouri's wife and daughter, and all 
the members and supporters of the Tudeh Party of Iran.

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